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Thread: Pakistani International Airlines 8303 crashes

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    Captain Amit Singh, an air safety expert, detailed what he believes were a series of fatal errors by Cpt Gull to the Times of India.

    Analysing recordings of Cpt Gull's final moments during calls he made to air traffic controllers, he said a distinctive warning signal could be heard in the background.The chime is designed to tell the pilot that he is attempting a landing with an incorrect configuration, for example with the wheels up. While Mr Singh was unable to say what caused such an experienced pilot to make such a basic error, he suggested the answer could lie in flight data.

    Information gathered by flightradar24 showed the plane was 2,500ft above the recommended height when it started making its approach into Karachi, he said.That meant the plane's initial descent was made at a rapid rate of 2,000ft per minute, which was lowered to 1,000ft per minute in its final moments.Air traffic control had twice advised the plane to abandon its approach based on the data, but the pilots pressed ahead regardless.

    Another senior plane examiner, who did not wished to be named, said it is possible that such an 'unstable approach' distracted the pilot and meant he did not hear the warning signal.The fact that Cpt Gull's voice was so calm as he spoke over the warning signal strongly suggests he had not heard it, they added.

    Also, it seems the Ram Air Turbine has deployed. This is a fan under the nose which drives a small generator, and ist only deployed if the main power generator, which is driven by the Starboard engine, has stopped, because the engine has stopped. The RAT provides power to the cabin instrumentation and flight control surfaces, and hydraulic power the landing gear.

    Hers is the RAT deployed
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