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Thread: Detective, Nurse, confidant: Virus Tracers plays many roles

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    Detective, Nurse, confidant: Virus Tracers plays many roles

    Boy oh boy, this stuff just gives me a creepy feeling. Personally I'm not liking it at all. What do you all think?

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Health investigator Mackenzie Bray smiles and chuckles as she chats by phone with a retired Utah man who just tested positive for the coronavirus.

    She’s trying to keep the mood light because she needs to find out where he’s been and who he’s been around for the past seven days. She gently peppers him with questions, including where he and his wife stopped to buy flowers on a visit to a cemetery. She encourages him to go through his bank statement to see if it reminds him of any store visits he made.

    Midway through the conversation, a possible break: His wife lets slip that they had family over for Mother’s Day, including a grandchild who couldn’t stop slobbering.

    “Was there like a shared food platter or something like that?” Bray asks. “There was, OK, yep ... sharing food or sharing drinks, even just being on the same table, it can spread that way.’”

    Suddenly, with a shared punch bowl, the web has widened, and Bray has dozens more people to track down.

    She is among an army of health professionals around the world filling one of the most important roles in the effort to guard against a resurgence of the coronavirus. The practice of so-called contact tracing requires a hybrid job of interrogator, therapist and nurse as they try coax nervous people to be honest.

    The goal: To create a road map of everywhere infected people have been and who they’ve been around.

    While other countries have devised national approaches, a patchwork of efforts has emerged in the U.S. where states are left to create their own program.

    Bray normally does this type of work to track contacts for people with sexually transmitted diseases. She is now one of 130 people at the Salt Lake County health department assigned to track coronavirus cases in the Salt Lake City area. The investigators, many of them nurses, each juggle 30 to 40 cases, and try to reach everyone the original person was within 6 feet (1.8 meters) of for 10 minutes or more. They stay in touch with some people throughout the 14-day incubation period, and calls can take 30 minutes or more as they meticulously go through a list of questions.

    Some estimate as many as 300,000 contact tracers would be needed in the U.S. to adequately curtail the spread. While some states like Utah have reported having enough contact tracers, others are hundreds or even thousands of people short.

    The contact tracers often find themselves in a tangled web of half-truths and facts that don’t match up. Language and cultural barriers arise that require interpreters and taxing conversations that leave the investigators wondering if the person understands what they’re trying to do.

    They land on occasion into complicated family dynamics where people are reluctant to tell the truth

    Health investigator Maria DiCaro found out days into a case that a father was sleeping in his car because he and his wife were separating. The man had stopped returning DiCaro’s calls, and that key information came from his child.

    “I get people that lie all time,” DiCaro said. “I try to get as much information from the beginning but it’s just not always the case. And time is one of those things you can’t take back when you are trying to prevent and you know do these contact tracing investigations.”

    Each call is an exercise in good cop, bad cop. She needs people to cooperate, but no one is legally required to answer the questions. Usually kindness works better than strong words.

    Some people lie because they’re scared, or they forget an outing. Construction workers, housekeepers and others without paid sick time may gloss over symptoms so they can get back to work. Some immigrants without documentation brush off testing because they fear it could lead to deportation.

    “People sometimes think contact tracing is black and white but there is a lot of gray that goes into it,” said Bray, who often thinks about her parents and 97-year-old grandmother as she works to help stop the spread of the virus. “Our worst fear is that we push too hard and we lose someone. It’s not just their health on the line, it’s the people around them.”

    all of it here:
    Yep that's why the sleeping Giant of Americans got rid of that thug Obama and his commie hand picked witch Hillary in a pant suit and put in PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    And what gets me is these freaking Libs/Democommie cult members truly believe THEY ARE THE MAJORITY when WE JUST PROVED THEM SO WRONG. I LMAO AT THEM


    DC is a cult of overpaid underachievers living the high life on the backs of the taxpayers.

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    When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    This is stupid beyond all belief. Contact tracing is great for STDs, not so great for colds and flu. Why?

    Here is the quick answer best I can articulate: With STDs, they are transmitted by close contact with exchange of bodily fluids. There is an intimacy involved that can be very well defined (well, unless you are Bill Clinton). It's very simple ... "Who did you have sex with?" With colds or flu, it's not so simple. Proximity and exchange of virus is not measured by exchange of fluids in a close contact situation, but instead by "how close" and "how long". We know relatively little about these measurements. Is it 6 feet? 5 feet? 10 feet? Is it 1 minute? 10 minutes? 5 minutes? How did they come up with 6 feet and 10 minutes? It is absurd that they set this parameter. For example, if the distance is 1 foot, is it still 10 minutes? If there was a touch involved, all bets are off! And what about 10 feet, for 8 hours? Uh oh, stop the jobs! Shut everything down!

    Now, back to the STDs. Patient A has an STD. Do we declare an emergency and tell everyone to stop having sex until we track this down? Of course not, that is silly. Hmmm, if we have a coronavirus patient, do we stop the world until we track this down. Why of course! Silly? You bet.

    Why does a virus spread around the world so quickly, and why is contact tracing worthless once it has already spread? There is a theory or concept, exploited by Facebook and others who do social engineering. The Six Degrees of Separation Rule. Here it is at Wiki: Six degrees of separation - Wikipedia

    The scary part that we all should understand, is that all these "smart" expert people that are leading this already know about this concept, and are pushing ahead with the folly anyway. My only guess is that they are conducting social experiments, and will use this data as further evidence in their validation and use of the SDSR.

    And why oh why is all this so important? Because this is the social concept they use to SPREAD IDEOLOGY!!!!!! That's right. This is how they spread "72 genders is OK". This is how they spread "racism is systemic". Get it? Social engineering is happening right before our eyes. The left is giddy. And that, my friends, is why the blue states are doubling down on the lockdown.
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    What bullshit.

    Contact tracers don't "curtail" ANYTHING.

    Contact tracing is another medically WORTHLESS idea brought to you by Shit-For-Brains politicians who prey on the FEAR of their constituents.

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    Anyone who participates in this contract tracing is an enemy of the people. This is dystopian.

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    Just one more step to a totaltarian society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinosaur View Post
    This is stupid beyond all belief.

    you are right. stupid beyond belief. bordering on insanity.
    “and somewhere in the darkness the gambler he broke even” - Kenny Rogers

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    Tracing was a good idea when we had the first few patients, but this Virus broke out of the barn long ago...............

    Does it hurt to call family and friends you have been around? I would say that is a good idea. But don't act as if this is preventative medicine and use up medical resources pretending you are doing something about an Outbreak!
    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

    - Ronald Reagan

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    Why are people answering these questions, why not just hang up on them?

    There's no legal reason for anyone to answer any questions asked of you, by someone who calls you on the phone.

    If you want answers, get a court order
    ~~Never Give Up Control, Live Life On Your Own Terms ~~
    ~~Walter White ~~

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