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Thread: CA cities throw down on Newsom

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    CA cities throw down on Newsom

    I predicted this, right?

    Seven days, I said.

    That was 3 days ago.

    Now look - Big Bear to Newsom: "the city has no legal obligation to enforce the governor's orders".

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    Don't hurt yourself patting yourself on your back! Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles both saw this coming!

    Way back on the 8th it was getting bad enough for Newsom to start threatening wayward counties.
    Rural County Crackdown: State Warns Counties Could Lose Disaster Funding For Reopening Early CBS Sacramento

    It only took three days for the Governor to go from chastisement to threats, so obviously the counties weren't listening.
    Gov. Newsom Chastises Rural California Counties for Defying Virus Order NBC Los Angeles

    In Florida, we have been opening up for at least two weeks now, and guess what? No spike in new cases! DeSantis continues to do reasonable things, like keeping nursing homes isolated, but businesses are opening up and pretty soon most things will be back to normal. As soon as everyone else opens up and Florida again becomes a travel destination, it will be full throttle ahead.

    I hope Newsom tries to keep federal money away from the rural counties. I hope the people get pissed. I hope that California wakes up. I hope Newsom has to spend all his coronavirus money defending lawsuits brought against the state. Sooner or later, the people of California have to take a stand.

    Let me know when BLUE cities and counties openly defy Newsom. That is the true test. That is when we know the people of California has awakened en mass.

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    theres a flip side to this. some places in this nation will get crushed by becomming a ghost town. look up ~ yellow fever/lower mississippi. places actualy never recover.
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