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Thread: Idaho governor signs GOPís anti-transgender bills, setting up likely legal challenges

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    Idaho governor signs GOPís anti-transgender bills, setting up likely legal challenges

    Idaho Gov. Brad Little has signed into law two anti-transgender bills.
    One bill would ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports that align with their gender identity. The other bill would make it illegal for transgender people to change gender markers on their Idaho birth certificates.

    A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.- James Freeman Clarke

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    The whole men playing women's sports thing was insane. If you think that's fair then you MUST say that it's ok for women to use male testosterone to boost their performance. And even that won't balance things in sports.

    My thoughts are that this is just another logical progression of an idiot idea of the left. And I have to wonder about women in sports, why didn't they see this coming & why didn't they start screaming about it right off? Instead they waited until it bit them in the butt before anyone brought it up. I "assume" that they were not wanting the PC backlash but don't know that.

    I'm old & I'm sorry but your never going to convince me that women are equal to men. That's because equal by my definition means the same & there's no way that men & women are the same starting with the obvious fact that women can give birth. Now equal rights, hell yes I'm all for them but telling me that I have to believe that they are the same is insane.

    I think in general each sex has it's strong points & weak points. The best troop that I ever had working for me was a woman (even tempered, hard worker, dependable & so on). I'll also say that the worst troop that I ever had working for me was a woman. So I believe that each person should progress according to their actions, not their sex.

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    Promises Kept at the States Rights level

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