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Thread: Democrats Are Really Bad People​

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    Democrats Are Really Bad People​

    Democrats Are Really Bad People​

    Democrats Are Really Bad People

    People tend to come together in moments of crisis, most

    24 Mar 2020 ~~ By Derek Hunter
    People tend to come together in moments of crisis, most people anyway. There’s always that selfish jerk in a zombie movie interested in grabbing the wads of cash or something else they’d always wanted but couldn’t get before everything went to hell, and it usually costs them. Democrats are that selfish guy. And while it varies what the cost is in the movies – either his life or the life of someone else – in the case of coronavirus, let it be the political lives of every Democrat, because they truly are bad people.
    The words necessary to accurately describe how opportunistic and disgusting the behavior of Democrats has been over the third coronavirus bill has been are not fit for a family audience. Take every four-letter word you can imagine, square it, and create a few new ones and you’ll be close to describing people who see one Republican Senator diagnosed with coronavirus and 4 others in self-quarantine because of possible exposure as “leverage.”
    The shame that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Murphy, and all the rest should feel (but don’t) must never be forgotten, and they should never be allowed to hide from it. Saving the economy of the United States from collapse is not the venue to insist on “Green” agenda items and payoffs to unions. Yet these piles of human garbage are counting on a few things they know will give them cover in order to play this game of Russian Roulette…with the gun to the heads of Americans.
    When presented with a choice to help the American people, Democrats prioritized THEIR people over all people, their agenda over the good of nation; they drew a line in the sand to give money to their donors, to push unrelated agenda items that will excite their base, and tell everyone else they can go to hell. No, they can. They deserve to, because they are truly bad people.

    Several years ago, I identified 'Democrats' as Progressive Marxist Socialist/DSA Leftists. Even Congresswoman Pelosi identified herself as a Progressive once celebrating the 100 years of 'Progressive' politics in America.
    More and more citizens are beginning to see the truth about "Democrats" and the co-conspirator MSM. They are composed of special interest mobs, drug users, sexual deviants, insider traders and tax evaders. They seldom donate to charities and they are always first in line for the handouts. Pretty much the scum of the earth.
    Their latest actions in the face of the latest crisis has once again shown their true ideological self aggrandizing ways. They have no true allegiance to their constituents nor to this country.
    Many of us ask why 'Democrats' have refused to work in a bipartisan way during this latest biological and economic crisis . Rather than step up and work together with the President they have gone out of their way to exacerbate the situation.
    Indeed, what what Fascist Progressive policies does your average Republican voter favor? Infanticide, conscripted unionization, gun confiscation, affirmative action, rapacious taxation, illegal foreign invasion? No my frontal lobotomized supporters. The average Republican voter is usually forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, while your type enthusiastically votes for evil, two or three times in the States that feature voter fraud.

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    With Far Left & Left EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL .

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