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Thread: should I buy guns and ammo or food ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodiak View Post
    What sucks for us is we got into all the prepper and hoarding stuff during the Obama era. Now we plan on moving 2500 miles away and trying to deal with it all. Selling most of it for half what we paid for it.
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    I'd also recommend boiling the water for 5 minutes then doing the bleach treatment if your water supply becomes funky. That said, I doubt water or power will be the big issue. I think the main issue will be non perishable food items and the fact that you might have to self quarantine if you become ill. Stock up on food, paper products, cleaning supplies, pet food, personal care supplies (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, Tylenol and so forth). Oh, and forget about the face masks, only a complete bio-suit really protects a person. Honestly, I don't think this will be the 'end of the world' though. It's looking like the vast majority of people do not manifest a life threatening illness.

    I also highly suspect we will see an anti-viral treatment (like we already have for influenza) for the Covid 19 virus. A treatment will go along way until a vaccine is available next year.
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    OP asks, "should I buy guns and ammo or food?"


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    Buy a tank. Finance it out for as long as possible & if shit hits the fan you don't even have to pay for it. And with a tank people will be more than willing to give you food, gold & make you their leader.

    Now the above sounds stupid but here's the way I look at it. If you REALLY think things are going to hell why do half measures. Will 1 or 20 guns save your life? Will having a year or more of food really get you through? People have been stocking up on both of those things for years & haven't used them yet. So why stock up on stuff that "might" work for you? Buy something that will work for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physics Hunter View Post
    You said "slim to none"...
    In comparison to all the other diseases out there death from the COVID-19 is slim to none at all for the vast majority of us. Even my wife who has type II diabetes and is more at risk for getting the virus with her compromised immune system is still more likely to die from the flu, common cold, a traffic accident (at least in Montana), etc. than COVID-19. We have had viruses in the past especially under Obama that have killed more people so far than the COVID-19 and neither the Obama administration nor the MSM hardly mentioned those viruses at all and when the MSM did mention it it was nothing but praises for Obama who did virtually nothing until a 1,000 people died and thousands were sick. This is all MSM hype to get President Trump.

    This virus has been around for a long time and is as common as the yearly flu. This strain is number 19 because it broke out in 2019. BTW: over 50,000 people have recovered so far from the virus. Get use to it this virus is here to stay just like the flu and the common cold. The CDC says by summer the COVID-19 should end and next winter we will have COVID-20.

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    All's I know is I done stocked up on that toilet paper. (Had hit a lady in the face to get all 4 Super Packages....)

    They didn't have none of that sanitizing hand lotion, so, I stocked up on soap and alcohol. (That freakin Covid -19 gets in me, it'll be so damn drunk, it may not even find my lungs!)
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    I'm thinkin a PTR 91 (And retro fit it with G3 Wood and Bayo Lug and Bayo and G3 Milsurp Bipod )

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    Again, forethought pays.

    I didn't stock up on TP. I didn't, because I buy TP once a year. Buy one of those huge bags of it that barely fits in a shopping cart. Keep it in the bottom of the utility closet. One and done, for a year.

    So, I laugh when I pass the empty TP racks. In case I have to go on the move, I have flushable wipes, too - more for daily hygiene than for bathroom needs. Those I did have to "stock up" on - bought a couple packages. If it gets ugly, supplies won't last, anyway, no matter how much you load up.

    The supply is transitory. As for the TP...that will last me until supplies return to normal, or whatever the next stage is.

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