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Thread: Bolshevik Bernie & The Bartender: Even Snowflakes Need Heroes...

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    Bolshevik Bernie & The Bartender: Even Snowflakes Need Heroes...

    Bernie the Bolshevik and AOC the Bartender - Because Even Snowflakes Need Heroes

    All the candidates seeking the democratic nomination are undergoing a searing examination by the media, pundits and campaign research groups.

    Scrutinizing the kinds of people who support the candidates may be far more revealing.
    Who are these starry-eyed young people who cling to their virtual grandpa on steroids, Bernie Sanders?

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    "Bernie and the Bolsheviks": featuring Neil Young, Cher, Bette, Babs.
    Whutduhthink? I see Grammy's and Granny's

    I bet Paul Shanklin could put something together, that would be really great. I might even pay for it, well lets not go overboard

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