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Thread: Jordan Peterson

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    Jordan Peterson

    So Jordan Peterson was placed on bernzos for good reasons and developed a sort of opposite reaction and a physical dependence. He wound up fighting for his life but is on the mend now.
    He is a psychologist /author and lecture with views that some would call moderate and others right of center. He is NOT a hard core social con however. Still haters are gonna hate and this is where polarization has taken us. See the hateful tweets at the end of the article. Same with rush. and the same with leftist who fall ill.
    Our society has largely lost the ability to differentiate a person from his or her beliefs and views. This is a skill most of us should have left HS with. Yet millions of adults lack the ability. As for me I like most of Peterson's stuff and I wish both he and his family well. As for Rush, I never liked his stuff especially as it related to addiction. And I STILL wish him and his family well. How can simple empathy be in the process of being lost in this country , in the west, seemingly most everywhere? This is reverse social evolution in action.

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    Yes. Part of it is, we're having less real-time social interaction, and more screen time.

    There's less interplay between individuals, and more Twitter outrage. And as we spend more time on screens, we have little time with real people - and as time goes by, a whole generation has grown up without the sort of social interplay that once was natural and normal.

    YES, "people" - young people - cannot distinguish between bad ideas and bad people. They seem to have no ability to differentiate. They cannot understand between evil and misguided, and bad ideas and malevolent individuals.

    And their way of arguing against "bad" ideas, is to attack the person. Name-calling - "Racist-Sexist-Bigot-Homophobe-Cisgender-White-Privilege"...yada-yada. Occasionally they can find character smears, true or not, and they're eager to trot them out.

    But to actually explore ideas, and deconstruct them, and demonstrate their validity or lack...that's beyond them.


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