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Thread: Douglas Murray Destroys Cultural-Marxism

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    Douglas Murray Destroys Cultural-Marxism

    Douglas Murray Destroys Cultural-Marxism

    A really good discussion of Cultural Marxism in the West.
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    >" When addressing the general public, contemporary advocates of Political Correctness – or Cultural Marxism, as it might just as easily be called – present their beliefs with appealing simplicity as merely a commitment to being “sensitive” to other people and embracing values such as “tolerance” and “diversity.”

    The reality is different. Political Correctness is the use of culture as a sharp weapon to enforce new norms and to stigmatize those who dissent from the new dispensation; to stigmatize those who insist on values that will impede the new "PC" regime: free speech and free and objective intellectual inquiry. "<

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    You don't know how much I wish I could get those who think "everybody deserves to go to college," (it's no longer simply 'an education'), to listen to that video.
    One, in particular, but I'm fairly certain he'd respond with, "What's wrong with that?" As in, attacking the cultural unpinning of a well-ground, solid society. He'd likely agree that we need to "care about everybody," 'cuz just look at how "discriminated against" they are.

    Intelligence and ability are not part of the equation to these people.

    But dang, if that guy wasn't right about how academia has created a completely 'safe space' for the professors to teach slop. They've no predators! Well said!
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