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American citizens have the guns, 350,000 million or so, but you ever notice when you are gossiping about someone, and they show up, you lower your voice to a whisper so they can't hear your criticism?

That's what would happen if the citizenry really decided on war, we wouldn't stand a chance.The Federal government would call out the Marines and National Guard, wouldn't even have to bring out the Army. Sure, there are a few out there talking violence if Trump is removed, but when push comes to shove, they will back down. Winchester rifles against drones is not a fair fight.

What would work, however, is a Dr.King, Ghandi civil disobedience of all laws, from vehicle and traffic to work stoppages, blue flu callouts, stock market closing because nobody showed up, millions of people refusing to pay their mortgages or auto loans to the banks, sit down strikes to stop traffic in rush hour (close down the 405 in Los Angeles for a day, and just leave their cars there, would take two weeks for everyone to locate their vehicle to clear the road. Everyone who owns a gun, meeting up in a park or stadium, fully armed, and essentially daring the police, the guard or the military to do something about it. Walk around with guns openly displayed, thousands of us. Hell, the guns wouldn't even have to be loaded to bring the House and Senate down in desperate fear.

Nobody goes to work until the politicians are immobile and their laws are totally disobeyed. Sounds far fetched, but it worked with the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) - totally ignored law. Which way law enforcement would go is a toss up, but in view of the political interference Chicago and San Francisco prevent law enforcement from doing their job, I can easily see them just refusing to answer calls. Fire Department also.

There would be pockets of violence, all over the country, a whole lot of Democratic supporters would be beaten, perhaps killed, and nobody would stand trial. We would be back to Jim Crow era without the racism. The Clinton's and the Obama's would be prisoners in their homes. The FBI would be totally neutralized; University of California would be closed because the students wouldn't attend. The border would deteriorate because the military wouldn't move, and Mexico would pull their troops.

Europe and the Asian countries would challenge for their military closing down ports, Federal employees wouldn't be getting paid - ever. Essentially we would have an entire civil denial of every law on the books, anarchy in the streets, Washington would be powerless to stop it, it might even be burned to the ground if things got real serious.

Impeaching a President, as I reported, is as horrid as the JFK Assassination. America would ground to a halt, the mines and oil rigs would stop pumping, the trucks would stop rolling (boycotting South Carolina by the Teamsters Union, driving straight across that state forced them to get rid of the Confederate flag from flying over their Capital Building.

I am not predicting this is what will occur - but it very well could occur, and something neither the Democrats or the RHINO Republicans have taken into account - should they take out the President 10-months before the people get to make the decision to keep him or dump him. As it stands, Trump should win easily, that's why the Democrats were in such a damn big hurry to get something on the books for impeachment - too bad their semantics don't add up to any impeachable offenses. If there is one thing that Congress has, it is a bunch of legal eagles - I don't think they have examined the possibilities of impeaching President Trump out to what would probably be a civilian revolt. It would be more economic than violence, but violence would certainly be part of it in various places - Virginia springs to my mind quickly here.

I do know one thing that would disappear in America if it went to non-compliance, every abortion clinic in this nation would be bombed or burned to the ground very, very quickly.

No, the politicians haven't thought out the long term ramifications of taking Donald Trump out of the White House on their opinion, and those 1/3rd Senators up for re-election in November all get defeated if Trump is impeached. They would roll Pence out of office easily, that would make Nancy Pelosi President - now that easily could incur massive violence. But our political class, as we have seen for years, isn't forward thinking. Impeaching Trump brings disaster.

Who is going to organize this? It is not like it will be bankrolled by Soros or the Bush brothers.