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Thread: protecting your home from invasion

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    protecting your home from invasion

    I have used the window film for a while now. While mowing lawn this past year a rock hit it and it did not break from 20-30 feet away. Without the film it would have shattered for sure.12 mil works best and can be found at lowes home depot etc.
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    I live in Oaxaca, Mexico. It's quite safe if you're not involved in drugs, not involved in politics, and not involved with someone else's spouse. My first year here I saw a car driven by a drunk that hit a business. The car was totalled and the stone building had a chip knocked off. Almost all the homes have high walls and doors in the wall can't be opened with a kick. Windows, if they are on the street, are often too narrow to allow entry. My apartment has concrete and brick walls, concrete roof, concrete floor. I do have vulnerable windows but I'm not on the ground floor.

    Homes in the U.S. are built to be vulnerable and are intended to display wealth and impress the neighbors. When I was married I was pretty sure yards were designed by women to keep husbands occupied in what little time they were earning a paycheck for the wife.

    I remember doing the lawn while my wife played tennis one Saturday. She came home and I was reading.
    "I thought you were doing the yard."
    "I did."
    "You didn't trim along the driveway and sidewalk."
    "That's not part of doing the yard."
    "I think it is." You have no idea how much I enjoy living with my dog and not having a yard.
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    Seems to me like a 12 mil plastic over the windows would cause some vision clarity issues, while one tries to see out of their home's window's. Maybe not though, as I have not tried it....

    I like mowing our .375 acre small yard with my self propelled 21 in. mower. Doing so MAKES me get out of my recliner or away from the PC desk. While getting some fast walking exercise that I need and will not do voluntarily...that is actually productive.

    I did the best thing I know to do to try to not become a victim of a home invasion. I beefed up our two exterior doors hinges and cylindrical/deadbolts to be sure if a bad guy does finally does kick it open, I should be awakened / alerted by the noise.

    By that time I will have called 911 FIRST and then have Mr. Mossberg by my side, to back me up. If we are not home during the HI and return home to find a door kicked in, we will back off and dial 911....

    I put up many outside security cameras on the outside of our house backed up with a 1terabyte DVD recorder. And I installed motion sensor/infrared activated floodlights beside each of the camera's.

    Just to be sure at night, the night prowler will know when the floodlight instantly comes on, they will see the camera and know their face will be well lit up and recorded. In the daylight, they are readily visible.

    Sure, I know these camera's will not stop the hard core bad guy from kicking in either of our doors, because the hard core bad person could not give one sht about a security camera. But I am just hoping the camera's will make the " not a really bad guy yet" move on to a easier target.

    At least if a home invader does break in to our house and kill us now, the LEO will have their face recorded on our security system. Unless he finds the hidden security DVR and steals it too.
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    Mostly all homes in the U.K. have double glazing, toughened glass. Our house has CCTV coverage front and back, the house is protected by a burglar alarm with a camera in the hall on back entrance by wi fi.
    The doorbell has a camera to see who is there, and records people walking near the front garden.
    RIP Wes.

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