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I missed the cause and effect analysis that concluded that bullying was the cause of his suicide. It might have been. Sure. But only his mother says so. He can't tell us.

It might have been his own regret for his choices, his own mental illness, his own rejection of himself. But the MSM article pretends to know that it was bullying and published the story as though that's a fact.
What I( mean is irregardless of homesexuality bullying is destructive for whatever reason and has not been greatly reduced by all the tax dollars spent to do so.
Bullies usually target loners, or people who think differently. However, the cowards will then use whatever ever they can to harrass the person. In other words they might dislike a kid who isn't part of a cliqe and not care at all about sexual preference but use it as an insult because they know it gets to their target.