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Thread: Drinking coffee helps your heart

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    Drinking coffee helps your heart

    It’s enough to make a tea drinker buy an espresso machine. In a 2018 study scientists in Germany report they were able to modify a common age-related defect in the hearts of mice with doses of caffeine equivalent to four to five cups of coffee a day for a human. The paper—the latest addition to a growing body of research that supports the health benefits of drinking coffee—describes how the molecular action of caffeine appears to enhance the function of heart cells and protect them from damage.
    It’s enough to make me smile all day. As I drink my 5th cu of coffee of the morning, I learn just how healthy it is for me. Of course, three days from now there’ll be anoher piece discussing just how drinking coffee is unhealthy.
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    beer is proof that God loves us .. but my days ONLY begin after coffee.
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    Yeah, coffee is extrememly good for you. It has now been proven that it can help to prevent liver disease and studies are showing that it can even repair damage done to the liver.

    Also, it is full of antioxidants. in fact most Americans get more antioxidants in a day from drinking coffee than eating fruits and vegetables. Of course a large part of that is because very few people actually as many fruits and vegetables as they should.

    Either way, coffee is a good thing. But, skip that starbucks crap taht is mostly milk/cream and sugar, that is not good for you.
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    "Coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops, with some estimates stating every acre of coffee gets treated with 250 pounds of agricultural chemicals."

    How about decaf: "Conventional decaffeinated coffee is processed using a number of chemicals, some of which have been shown to be carcinogenic."

    Toxins in decaf include "aflatoxin and ochratoxin - [which] can cause cell mutation and organ toxicity in humans."

    Another problem is that the study was done on mice and mice are not people. And mice don't live long so you know it's only a short term study.

    Also, it's usually the coffee industry that funds these studies, isn't it? Who else would care to keep spending money to promote coffee? And think of all the "free" advertising they get when the study gets reported. Do they also release the negative study results? I doubt it.

    In my opinion, coffee is not a good thing if it gives people an excuse not to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Coffee is not a natural whole food! It's glorified bean juice!

    When you eat natural whole foods like fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nut and seeds etc., you get a lot of natural plant fiber that feeds the micro-flora in your small intestine and colon. And that's what regulates your immune system and your metabolism. And a lack of natural plant fiber often causes autoimmune diseases of which there are more than 100 (diseases like lupus and MS for example). Note: fiber supplements don't work the same as fiber from a wide variety of natural whole foods.

    The bottom line: There are no short cuts to achieving or maintaining good health.
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