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Thread: Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

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    This might be the wrong place to put this but i'm hooked on a book for the past couple days. I can't put it down you can see by the time. I'm tired...but i was so disturbed..well..not actually disturbed...more like something of an epiphany. be a satori...not sure of the spelling of that now or even the's an epiphany.

    People like ted bundy...they kill for pleasure...and make no bones about it...and eventually they get caught. But there are some people...because they are associated with places like yale and harvard and the like...because they're tenured professors who have written papers on matters of enlightenment and betterment of humanity...and i use the term loosely. Take your bio-ethicists for instance...Peter singer in particular and there are many others..(margaret sanger, adolph hitler).

    Why aren't the questions asked or the investigations made into the actions of these people in their youth. Just how many of them tortured insects, animals and the long dead and forgotten anonymous....and they use their positions in bio-ethics to hide their joy of death.

    Cause no one thinks about doing that to someone who speaks with big scientific words and self righteously proclaims their concern for the human condition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Independent View Post
    Are you saying that all things even remotely or minimally suggestive is evil according to God? Legitimate question, don't get too defensive I'm not trying to mock you though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightkore View Post
    I honestly don't much agree. Now, I understand he said that, but I don't "agree" on that. Maybe I'm going to go to Hell for that. :<

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