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Thread: Margaret Thatcher was a scientist

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    Margaret Thatcher was a scientist

    As prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady,” became a
    beloved icon of conservatives. She also had a B.S. in chemistry and was
    a research chemist. Perhaps because of that science background, she was
    one of the first global leaders to warn against the dangers of climate change.
    She pushed for both an international levy on fuel prices and for Britain to set
    its own emission targets.

    Source: “The Disrupter,” Benjamin Schwarz, The New York
    Times Book Review
    , 11.24.19

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    If the liberals weren't so fucked up about it this issue would get more play.

    The idiot liberals are beating the climate change drum so loud that we can't even hear the reality.

    People complain about the straws - the numbers say we throw away 390 million plastic straws A DAY, and each one of those things takes 200 years to degrade. People could easily use biodegradable paper straws with a half life of 10 days. But we never get to breathe long enough to consider this stuff cause the damn liberals keep flinging their bullshit in our direction.

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    True, plastic pollution is a far more serious problem than "climate charge" and it is something we can actually do something about.

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