Now that I figured out how to get away from all caps at imgflip I can use upper and lower case letters, it only took me 2 1/2 years of caveman computer skills to figure out I could change the settings and EVEN ADD COLOR!!!

Leak was around a few years ago but because his name was coming out as LEAK TREASON rather than Leak Treason, people I'm sure thought it was more an accusation than a name.

So I started looking for the origional pic and because I couldnt find it I used the one I captioned with all caps but had to crop it to take out the text and made this one which is probably good enough

But still since I couldn't find that pic anywhere I thought I'd play it like he's missing and during the search for him I can comment on the "news", of which he is the high escelon of presstitute glory, every journalist wishes they could be Leak, as this goes forward I want to ascribe everything people suspect about the "news" to Leak Treason, presstitute, scumbag.