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Thread: Dreams made in heaven

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    Dreams made in heaven

    For the skeptic and atheist, dream interpretation is one of
    the last bastions of the superstitious.

    Scientists have tried to discount theories that dreams are a
    link to a spiritual world. One theory advanced by neuroscientists is that
    dreams are a form of trash removal. Various images cluttering our brains are
    dumped into a dream trash bin, where our mind tries to make sense of this refuse
    by weaving these random pieces of junk into a narrative.
    However, scientific attempts to explain away the contents of
    dreams ignore some basic truths:

    1. Dreams are not wishful thinking. Most dreams are unpleasant and force the
    dreamer into stories that are unwanted or frustrating. In addition, the people
    and creatures encountered in dreams act independently; they seldom follow the
    wishes of the dreamer.

    2. Dreams often exceed the intelligence or imagination of the dreamer, who
    often is incapable of writing a story or poem that matches the inventiveness or
    poetic imagery of the dream.

    3. Some dreams contain content that is foreign to the experience of the
    dreamer. In one dream, for example, I encountered a dead horse in the side yard
    of a suburban two-story house. I had never seen such an image in my life and,
    in the days before the dream, I had not seen or thought of anything related to

    From these observations I would conclude that at least some dream content
    originates outside the dreamer's brain.

    Theater of the soul

    I would suggest that this outside source is a spiritual realm and that the dream is a
    "skit" performed on a spiritual stage, with a script, direction and
    performers provided by persons "on the other side." Since imagery in
    the spiritual realm is completely fluid, these spirits are free to put on the
    "masks" of people both known and unknown to the dreamer.

    The dreamer, then, is merely an actor in a play not of his own creation. In
    fact, the dream message in some cases may not be directed at the dreamer; it
    may be a performance intended to educate and/or entertain an audience of
    spirits. There are at least three possible audiences for a dream:

    1. The dreamer

    2. Persons to whom the dreamer tells his dream

    3. The spirits on the other side who are either actors in the dream or part of
    an audience watching the dream

    Dream creation in the spiritual realm suggests two other conclusions:

    1. Since some of the dream content is based on our personal thoughts and
    experiences, there is no such thing as a "private" thought. Spirits
    can access our thoughts and memories as source material for their dream

    2. The spiritual writers, directors and performers in our dreams are most
    likely the spirits of people who have died and passed on to the other side. You
    don't get to sit on your butt in heaven. You are given a job in

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    I've always thought of dreams as random thoughts put into a blender turned on high with some of them flying out to be remembered.

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    I used to strangely have dreams were I kept coming back to the same place, some exotic fantasy place I had never been to anywhere like that before. These dreams were spaced out over weeks, months, the last one was more than a year later. I returned there three or four separate times.

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