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How big is it in America to use undocumented illegals? Surely at the stroke of a pen the federal government could get powers to fine employers for using them, and or imprisonment?
The pen has already been used, it's already a crime to hire and employ illegal aliens.

But no President has taken it that far to actually enforce the law that is already on the books.

Start sending the employers who hire illegal aliens no jail and ten to twenty million illegal aliens will self deport.

All President Trump has been doing is enforcing the immigration laws that Congress has already passed and was signed into law by former Presidents.

Sen. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi all ready voted for and passed legislation for a 700 mile long barrier at the border. President Bush(43) signed it into law.

But the House has failed to appropriate the funds for the border barrier.

Here's how it works, for the past forty years any time any President upheld the oath of office and tried to enforce our immigrationn laws that are already the law of the land, the political left yells racism.

You know when a President is upholding the oath of office that he took, they'll be calling him a racist.

When the President isn't being called a racist you know that the President isn't upholding the oath of office and defending the Constitution.