He’s going to turn it into a playground for kids and the 700 members of his village, Strmec Stubicki, Croatia, a far way from any major cities
The flight simulators that he installs, he said, will allow them to recreate the passenger plane’s flight and landing at Dubrovnik airport.
The middle area of the plane will be left more or less empty for dancing and other activities to be enjoyed by some 50 people, while in the tail end some seats will be left so the youngsters can take photos that look like they are actually flying off to somewhere.
Sedlar will install other attractions as well, like a swimming pool that the kids can jump into from a wing of the plane, and a small track for carts that will also go under the aircraft.
With the help of friends, he dismantled the aircraft and hauled them 205 miles to his home. No word on how much he paid for it.