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Thread: Myth: Trump betrayed the Kurds. Reality: Kurdish leader thanks Trump for ceasefire.

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    Myth: Trump betrayed the Kurds. Reality: Kurdish leader thanks Trump for ceasefire.

    The military leader of the Syrian Kurds, Gen. Mazloum Abdi, thanked President Trump on Wednesday, Oct. 23, for his tireless effort that stopped the brutal Turkish attack.
    The Lame Street Media certainly won’t report this.
    It will indeed be permanent. However you would also define the word ‘permanent’ in that part of the world as somewhat questionable, we all understand that. But I do believe it will be permanent,” Trump said at a press conference on Wednesday, Oct. 23.
    However, the president added that the sanctions would not be lifted if Turkey “does something we’re not happy with.”…
    Fake “Rojava” Narrative and Truths about Syria @
    A little more truth about the situation.
    In the midst of the bloody war in Syria, the Kurds took advantage of the chaos and claimed control over northern Syria in 2012. They established a so-called “government” there led by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party or PYD. Its armed force is the YPG (People’s Protection Units), which is the Syrian wing of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). The Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, which much of the media hails as “America’s greatest ally in the region” is also led by the YPG.
    And Assad is taking advantage of the situation to regain territory that once was his.
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    Nothing lasts. The Trump administration navigated it as best they could.
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