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Thread: A crisis in India to make you cry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbey1 View Post
    Doesn't India have bigger problems than, no onions?
    Yeah like, ohh I don’t know, too many people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbey1 View Post
    If it was up to me, onions would not exist.....LOL..... I can't eat raw onions, if I don't know they're there, because I was TOLD there weren't any, then, bite into one, I will literally gag.
    Thank you for leaving more for me.

    The U.S. per capita consumption of onions is about 22 pounds per year. This translates to over 450 semi-truck loads of onions used in the United States each day.
    Per capita onion consumption has risen over 70 percent in the last two decades, from 12.2 pounds per person in 1982 to 20 pounds per person in 2010 and 21.9 pounds in 2017.
    Libya has the highest consumption of onions with an astounding average per capita consumption of 66.8 pounds

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    For crying out loud: Delhi onion prices soar 40% in one week due to unseasonal rainfall
    It is no longer just the fumes and pollution that are making Delhiites cry, as onion prices in the greater metropolitan area have spiked by some 40 percent in just one week amid unforeseen supply shortages.
    Onion prices have reached Rs 60-80 per kg ($0.84-$1.12) from averages of just Rs 55 on October 31. The price spikes have been attributed to a supply-side shortage triggered by unseasonal rainfall which severely damaged crop centers in Maharashtra.
    Onions appear to be a really big deal for Indian poor. So the government tells them to eat carrots which are plentiful. They get a huge No!
    And they live in this:

    Half of India's population adheres to a vegetarian diet, usually because of Buddhist, Hindu or Jain religious values. Like the United States, India is a large country with many different climates and geographical characteristics. Different fruits and vegetables are produced in different climates, so a vast array of produce is used in Indian food. Tomatoes, onions, cucumber, eggplant and bananas are all commonly consumed. Legumes, like lentils and chickpeas, are also an important staple of meals. A common preparation of lentils is dhal, a soupy dish served over rice.
    Schools in Indian capital reopen, air quality still unhealthy @

    Indian politician accuses Pakistan of releasing poisonous gas to pollute Delhi’s air @
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