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Thread: Sub officer with a drug dealing side hustle busted!

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    Sub officer with a drug dealing side hustle busted!

    AW1Ed | September 19, 2019

    A lieutenant stationed aboard the guided-missile submarine USS Michigan is facing a court-martial trial over allegations that he distributed illegal drugs. (Mass Communication Specialist Seaman William Carlisle/Navy)

    What was this idiot thinking? All that expensive training wasted for supplementary tax free income and no doubt samples of his products. I’ve been to Seattle and it would take weapons grade stupidity to get busted selling drugs there; they’re everywhere. I’ll bet someone dropped a dime on his ass.

    By: Geoff Ziezulewicz

    When he wasn’t serving as a submarine officer, a Navy lieutenant dealt drugs in Seattle, military prosecutors say.

    Assigned to the guided-missile submarine Michigan’s Blue Crew, Lt. James W. Hendren, 27, has been charged with distributing cocaine in November and extasy in July at unnamed locations in the Emerald City, according to charge sheets provided to Navy Times.

    Near the submarine’s homeport of Bremerton in January, Hendren allegedly began trying to cover up his illicit moonlighting by deleting web searches for “how to pass a hair follicle test” and “how to delete icloud storage,” moves prosecutors believe were designed “to impede and obstruct the due administration of justice.”

    Authorities suspect Hendren also tried to influence the potential statements and testimony of an unnamed person, allegedly saying “we can come out of this okay” if the two had a consistent story against a third person whose name is also redacted in the records provided to Navy Times.

    There’s more- read the rest at Navy Times
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    I could understand it if he was distributing LSD or psilocybin.

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    It’s very likely his motivation had nothing to do with money. At least not directly. It could have been to support his own addiction. Or, it could have been about the thrill and the secret. The secret can be as much a thrill for an addict as the high.

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    We had monthly random drug tests. Usually last SS digit. If a division was suspected, everyone was tested. If you were 31 minutes late for muster, tested. Can't remember a Reserve ever testing positive. A.D. whole nuther matter

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