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Thread: President Trump visits border wall

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    President Trump visits border wall

    <strong><font color="#000000"><font face="Times New Roman, serif"><span style="font-style: normal"><span style="font-weight: normal">http://<a href=" - YouTube</a>
    I watched bits and pieces of this on FoxNews and got a kick out of a couple of things;
    Goes so deep itíll be difficult to dig under.
    The top is designed to make it darned near impossible to scale
    And, when the sun blazes down on it, the part at the top gets hot Ė very hot.
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    Does the wall really mean anything anymore? Don't forget, Trump promised to increase LEGAL immigration from places like India, and we continue to have a difficult time rounding up and deporting the illegals that are already over here. Don't get me wrong, we needed a border wall all along, but at this point, the wall is merely symbolic and akin to shutting the barn doors after the horses have escaped. We don't need anymore immigrants; we need to start encouraging our own people (especially whites) to have more kids. White children are already a minority in this country, so what does the Orange Messiah intend to do about that? Hmm?
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