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Thread: Nuanced?

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    I read that the lies printed in the NYT were nuanced. Then I read that the book written by the authors, and writers for the NYT, was nuanced. And I thought, "What does nuanced actually mean?"

    The definition that seems to fit is: "
    Having nuances; possessed of multiple layers of detail, pattern, or meaning".

    Then I recalled the first time I heard "nuanced". It was when Sen. John Kerry, Democrat, was running president. I remember laughing at a liberal and saying, "Kerry is for and against everything so we don't know where he stands on anything." The liberal repeated the talking points from the liberal media about John Kerry being "nuanced". You remember he was for the war before he was against the war. He was nuanced.

    As the liberal media uses the term "nuanced" it simply means that your a liar, a hypocrite, and a leftist. When you say you support free speech but you want hate speech laws, you want the FCC to control speech on the internet, and you want people punished for offensive speech even when it's obviously innocent, then you are simply being nuanced.

    I think you're a lying, hypocritical, leftist and liberals think they're "nuanced" and are proud of it. Of course, people like Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Ted Kennedy, President Barack Obama, and Rep. Maxine Waters are disgustingly nuanced and extremely proud.

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    Nuances are where you earn your keep if you ever master a musical instrument.
    Good journey, Rickity!

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