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Thread: An Update on the Invasion of Area 51

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    An Update on the Invasion of Area 51

    Ex-PH2 | September 17, 2019

    Two Dutchmen from another country were found wandering inside the perimeter at Area 51 and were arrested. Well, they claimed they were Dutchmen.

    From the article: Just when interest in the proposed storm Area 51 hullabaloo appeared to be waning, a couple of Dutchmen had to go and ignite intrigue all over again.

    Ties Granzier, 21, and the penta-named Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Savage, 20, were arrested last week on suspicion of trespassing after entering the region to record video of the top secret Nevada military base, which conspiracy theorists believe harbors UFOs and extraterrestrials.

    Granzier and Savage were taken into custody after their car was found inside the security perimeter. The two disregarded a number of “No Trespassing” signs along the way, the sheriff’s office said.

    Authorities found camera equipment, a computer and a drone inside the car, but could not locate common sense anywhere. – article

    Note that the planned Naruto Run on Area 51, disintegrated into an arts and drum circle festival, with the new name Alienstock. That was to be this coming Friday, Sept. 20. But the nearby town of Rachel, NV, the one with a 10-room motel and a couple of alien souvenir shops and a small restaurant not yet rated by the Michelin Guide, has (fortunately) relocated the Alienstock festival to Las Vegas instead, to take place on Nov. 19 (Thursday). For now, Area 51 is essentially safe.

    Maybe they should have sent it to Elko, NV. I hear there’s a chili feed there at times.

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    I hope it all fizzles out. You can bet there'll be more layers of security there than most Presidents have, because our Government really doesn't want to have to kill anyone. I hope no one is stupid enough to test them.

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    Isn't it time the govt came clean about all the UFO activity?
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