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Thread: Abandoned Pup Waits on Roadside for 4 Years After Falling from Owners Truck

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    Abandoned Pup Waits on Roadside for 4 Years After Falling from Owners Truck

    October 30, 2019

    YouTube: Viral Pres

    Sit down and grab a beer folks, it’s storytime. Back in September, a man named Anuchit Uncharoen was riding his motorcycle down a highway he takes every day. The man, who is from Thailand, spotted a sad-looking pup sitting on the side of the road. He didn’t think anything of it at first but noticed the dog seemed to be anxiously waiting for someone or something.

    Later that day, the man decided to ride by the exact same highway and saw that the lonely pup was still sitting there. After stopping next to him to see if he was okay, he learned about the animal’s history. That’s when he met Saowaluck Pinnuvech.

    According to Pinnuvech, back in 2016, she kept finding the dog at the same exact corner every day. So, she decided to take the stray dog to the vet, named him Leo, and adopted it. Unfortunately, Leo ran off a couple of days later. While looking for him, she found the dog in the same corner along the highway and knew that he was definitely waiting for something. Granting his wishes to wait there, she decided to let him stay but would bring him water and food every day at that exact same spot. Although the woman loved Leo, she understood that he wasn’t ready for a new owner.

    After the motorcyclist shared the touching story last month, the real owner of the pup came forward. An elderly woman named Noi Sittisarn said back in 2015, Leo had jumped out of her pickup truck. Both she and her husband looked everywhere, but couldn’t find him
    When Noi arrived at the corner to finally reunite with Leo, after more than 4 years, he ran over to her and he was quickly greeted with pets and rubs. Leo, unfortunately, refused to go home with her. That’s when Saowaluck decided to step in and begged Noi to keep the dog herself since she had become so attached to him and had already tried to adopt him.

    So, Noi agreed, and Leo has been with Saowaluck ever since, no longer sad about his former owner abandoning him, and no longer waiting. Talk about one loyal dog! Could it be that little Leo just wanted to say goodbye to his first owner? Who knows, but I will say this, dogs are some of the most loyal pets out there. A man’s best friend, that’s for sure.
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    Great story.

    We are now fostering our 4th abandoned dog in 3 years. They come a little beat up and enough parasites to infect all our animals, but none seemed too eager to wait alongside the road.

    Our vet says she has amputated a shattered leg off of 4 dogs in the last three years in our county. There is a lady here who takes them in. Too many rednecks with dogs riding in the back of their pickup trucks.

    We were in a campground on the other side of the river about 30 years ago. A drunk guy was driving around the campground and hit one of the wooden posts sticking out of the ground. The short kind that they used to paint yellow on top. The next morning, we inspected the crash scene. In the sand were the tracks of the truck, and it was easy to see the truck tracks AFTER the accident, as there was also a brake fluid trail and a set of big dog tracks.

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    They are WAY smarter than we give them credit, for.

    There are a lot of anthropological questions over how the weaker, smaller-brained Homo Sapiens replaced the stronger, larger-brained Neanderthal.

    One looked upon Canis as a food source...the a friend and ally. That's my idea, anyway!
    I used to really like ducks.

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    Jean Aul, author of Clan of the Cave Bear and many sequels, wrote about the first partnership between man and dog many thousands of years ago. There are a lot of similar stories floating around. Dogs have been partners with humans from times beyond written history.
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