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Thread: Facebook and Google "saving"....

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    Facebook and Google "saving"....


    "Google said this week that it is tweaking its algorithms and the guidelines for its human search quality raters in a manner that will allow original reporting - news discovered by the publication and not aggregated from another outlet - to obtain a higher ranking on its search pages and maintain that ranking for a longer time.

    "That follows Facebook last month saying would begin offering several major news outlets as much as US$3 million ($4.7m) a year to license headlines and previews of articles, according to the Wall Street Journal, for use in a new feature called News Tab that is curated in part by veteran news editors."

    "Much of the way news currently surfaces is due to algorithms, which have been trained to identify important news. But some signs that might signal an important story - like lots of people sharing it or clicking on it - doesn't necessarily mean it's real news. And the systems can also be tricked.

    "Critics have lambasted Google and Facebook for the role their platforms played in amplifying a Russian disinformation campaign around the 2016 presidential election, saying that the companies were slow to identify the foreign interference and didn't do enough to point users toward quality journalism. With the 2020 election around the corner, the companies say they are working on how to better address fake news stories, deceptive social media accounts, and deepfake videos powered by artificial intelligence."

    I am not a computer professional or a programmer but it's been obvious, to me, for years that computers are used to produce false results. Bullshit is cleansed by running it through a computer. The most public example is climate change research that is based on "computer models". I think a "model" and an "algorithm", pronounced Al Gore Rhythm, are similar or the same thing. And, they produce what they're supposed to produce.

    I would not be surprised if both Google and Facebook management had algorithms written that would continue to promote leftist politics but if they don't, I'm confident the liberal employees, that would be 99% of them, will find a way to fake the algorithms.

    As long as suckers use Google Search and Facebook as portals to their news they'll be getting bullshit that's been cleaned in a computer.

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    Ayuh,..... Just yesterday, I ditched google search for duckduckgo,......

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