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Thread: Flyers Asking Students to Join the KKK Found on Texas High School Campus

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLLS View Post
    What is truly racist is that fact that there were no black actors or actresses in Birth of a Nation. Why are no liberals protesting this and demanding that the film be remade using black actors and actresses.

    Is that from the copy Woodrow Wilson had shown at the White House?


    PeteS in CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piru View Post
    The next false flag flyer story will read:

    University officials and anti-terrorist group agents from the FBI have launched an investigation after several fliers were found at San Francisco's Liberal University that read "Join the NRA".
    The FBI's hands are tied due to free speech.

    "It made me feel very unsafe", said Kyesha Myers, a fifth year Gender, Ethnicity, Intersectionality, and Social Justice major. "As a trans-women of color, I was triggered."
    This country has turned into quivering jellyfish.

    A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.- James Freeman Clarke

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