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Thread: America’s hidden racial harmony

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    America’s hidden racial harmony

    Racial harmony?
    What the hell is this guy talking about.
    According to the media, whites and all minorities are at war. Blood in the streets and all that stuff. Yet, here’s what he reports:
    This summer, I’ve had the chance to spend a few weeks on the road, exploring the vast, forgotten America west of the Acela corridor and east of Hollywood. In June, I drove from Brooklyn to Arkansas and back, and just last week coursed through the whole continent, landing at a beach bar in Venice Beach. One thing I noticed everywhere I went, in the bars and restaurants I haunted along the way, was a level of racial harmony that belies the notion of our nation as a hotbed of racism.
    The people I met along the way, and there were a lot of them, were white, black, brown, Asian, and Native American, and they weren’t self-segregated within the establishments I found. Much the opposite: they were mixing, mingling, laughing, and drinking together without even a hint of racial tension.
    In my somewhat tunneled world, I can see what he’s talking about by watching who patronizing businesses, especially Latino markets. The spectrum of humanity enters and departs with shopping carts piled high.
    And here’s an example of what the media touts:
    U.S. 'Broken as Hell' Over the Politics of Race & Class @
    Are those whites in this photo?
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    I proudly voted for President Trump!

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    America is not a 'racist nation' - the media lies, again and again

    Despite the leftmedia's determined attempt to characterize America as a racist nation where blacks hate whites, whites hate blacks, Latinos and Asians and everybody hates the Jews, it's a palpable lie, proven so by the daily interaction of all races in myriad places and situations, be it as neighbors, co-workers, church or club members and personal friends.

    Does racism exist in America? Obviously, but not even close to what the leftmedia would have you believe. A clear rebuttal to the left's constant effort to portray America as a racially divided nation and supporters of President Trump as deplorable 'white supremacists'.

    "Need" now means wanting someone else's (taxpayer) money. "Greed" means wanting to keep your own profit. "Compassion" is when a politician arranges the transfer. - Joseph Sobran

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    The only division is between the citizens and the MSM who created the division.

    A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.- James Freeman Clarke

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    Racism is obviously less of a problem as evidenced by the effort the Democrats have to expend to keep it going.

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