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Thread: Good advice from a cop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ill-informed View Post
    IMHO once a human has killed another human his life will never be the same. Of course you have to do everything in your power to protect yourself and loved ones but the horror of killing anyone must not be dismissed lightly. Blood, guts brain matter all splattered all over your home. A dead body lying there possibly starring at you with open eyes. You will feel guilt anger and fear. You will likely throw up and not have an appetite for days, and for as long as you live in the home that spot where the body lies will be repulsive. For me I would surrender all of my belongings and except any legal hassles to avoid that kind of horror. I get the feeling that the guy in the video has never killed a person.
    Most of us have no problem living with it as long as we know we were justified. The only bad dreams I ever had related to those that got away to do more harm.

    No guilt, pity, fear, or remorse for anyone I put in the ground or vaporized.
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