Take a trip to the southern part of South America, its winter there.
At irregular intervals, stick your head in the refrigerator.
Sign up for underwater spelunking lessons.
Sleep as close to the beach as possible, but check the tides first.
Ice cubes in your underwear. Scoff if you will, but it works.
For as long as it takes, subsist entirely on ice cream.
Hang out in the shady parts of town.
Meditation. Think cool thoughts.
Collect all your sweat and put it in a bowl. Won’t make you cooler, but will keep your mind off how hot it is.
Eat frozen foods while still frozen.
Sit in a sauna for ten minutes every hour. Then the mere balmy will seem refreshingly cool in comparison.
Book a room in a hotel with a pool. Crank the air down to glacial.
Drink plenty of water, frozen into cubes, completely surrounded by gin and tonic.
Two words: Champagne popsicles.
This comes from https://www.humortimes.com/78657/beat-the-heat/ and I love it!