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Thread: Army’s new JLTVs

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    Army’s new JLTVs

    Replaces the heavier Humvee. Supposedly faster and still provides protection to those riding in it.
    This caught my eye:
    The JLTV is a good vehicle; it’s a step up from a Humvee,” Storer said. “There’s good ground clearance, and with the snorkel kit, you can ford deeper water. It handles well in a variety of terrain. All the BII (basic issue items) are stored securely outside the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about those. And the rear-view camera makes it easier to back up, to park, or just for security, you can see what’s behind you.”
    One of the features exciting Soldiers who have driven the JLTV is a hydraulics system that not only minimizes jarring bumps in all terrains but allows Soldiers to adjust the suspension to park on a hill and level the vehicle.
    We parked on the side of a hill, probably a 30 percent grade, then put the assist on,” Storer said. “It got us level to where I could open the door and step out and not have to worry about rolling over.”
    Apparently those who’ve driven it think it’s pretty good.
    And here’s the prototypes of the new Infantry “assault buggy:”


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    Photo didn't come out. The site doesn't like linking photos, apparently.

    We've come a long way from the Willys MB. I'm not sure that's progress...what ever happened to KISS? Keep it simple, s***head.

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