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Thread: Army Rolling Out New Marksmanship Qualification Test

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    Army Rolling Out New Marksmanship Qualification Test

    thebesig | August 26, 2019 |

    One Station Unit Training (OSUT) Soldiers conduct zero for their M4 carbines. (Markeith Horace)

    When the Army rolled out its new physical fitness test, it was just getting started. The physical fitness test, covering situps, push-ups, and a 2-mile run is making way for a new physical fitness test that tests muscle groups used in the battlefield.

    Enter battle focused weapons qualification.

    The current qualification process starts as a series of classroom and hands-on instruction. It builds up through marksmanship simulators and works towards a qualification at the firing range. After the weapons are zeroed, Soldiers either engage pop-up targets or different sized silhouettes on a single sheet.

    This qualification involves firing from the supported prone, unsupported prone, and kneeling. The new test is different. This test involves not just hitting the target, but doing things at the qualification range that are expected to be done on the battlefield.

    Instead of having things structured, like having magazines with rounds waiting for the soldier at the firing range, this would run “like the real world”. Soldiers must fire from behind cover and fire from different positions that include standing. Nighttime and chemical warfare environment shooting are a part of this package.

    Granted, many of these exercises have existed as qualifications in the past. In many units, this falls under the “Advanced Rifle Marksmanship” umbrella. As with basic rifle marksmanship, these advanced exercises came with their own scorecards. But, it appears that the Army is moving towards incorporating battle focused shooting during the basic qualification.

    From the Army website:

    The Dot-40 mandates a series of drills and tests that check whether Soldiers can rapidly load and reload as they’d have to under fire, work the bolt of their weapon, switch firing positions quickly — standing, kneeling, lying prone, firing from behind a barrier — while at the same time exercising “critical thinking” — making battlefield snap judgments as to which targets to shoot at in which order — and hitting them. All are elemental to being deemed actually proficient in Soldier marksmanship, officials said.

    And it adds other new requirements: that Soldiers fire their weapons effectively in night combat scenarios and in conditions that simulate chemical attack.

    A more detailed article could be read here.
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    Read about this the other day, really has a lot more to do with combat weapons handling then marksmanship. Now instead of only combat arms troops training how you fight even the support troops will have too. It includes things like mag changes from your kit under stress, shooting from multiple positions, malfunctions, etc. very good move. Really hope the other services will follow suit, it’s not enough to just be able to hit your target.

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