It's not a disease. It's a choice. Every time you take a drink it's a choice. The "cure" is totally and absolutely under your control.

Don't "try" anything. Trying implies failure. When my son was about twelve we watched two Olympic heavyweight lifters being interviewed. One said he was going to win and one said he was going to try his best. I asked my son who would win and he said, "Probably the guy who said he was going to win. The other guy is going to try."

--Hillary Clinton was going to win in 2016. Ever since, she has been trying to explain why and how she lost.....

Don't get me wrong. I have loved that sentiment since Yoda first admonished Luke over "trying."

But, the reality of the fact is that the best WINNERS are those who can deal with LOSING from time to time. Consistent "Winners," often fall apart once they lose. And, some of the greatest victories are by "losers," who keep picking themselves up, to....'try again..."

I had a friend with juvenile diabetes. She decided she could replace insulin shots with "natural" treatments. She almost died and it wasn't from diabetes. It was from an almost terminal case of stupid.
--Ironic that you bring up Diabetes. Type I, as your friend had, is absolutely a genetic disorder. But, Type II (Adult onset), is actually a combination of genetics AND lifestyle.

Just like alcoholism. There are some, who can drink alcohol consistently, and never become dependent on it. Yet, there are others who, once they start drinking, have a VERY difficult time putting it away.

Alcoholism is NOT due to a lack of willpower. I know, as I have seen friends battle it.

And, don't ask the Creator for help. I'm busy.
--I wasn't talking about building model tanks.