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Thread: Medical Tourism

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    Medical Tourism

    "Ferguson is one of hundreds of thousands of Americans who seek lower-cost care outside the United States each year, with many going to Caribbean and Central American countries. A key consideration for them is whether the facility offers quality care.In a new twist on medical tourism, North American Specialty Hospital, known as NASH and based in Denver, has organized treatment for a couple of dozen American patients at Galenia Hospital since 2017.

    Parisi, a graduate of the Mayo Clinic, is one of about 40 orthopedic surgeons in the United States who have signed up with NASH to travel to Cancun on their days off to treat American patients. NASH is betting that having an American surgeon will alleviate concerns some people have about going outside the country, and persuade self-insured American employers to offer this option to their workers to save money and still provide high-quality care.

    NASH, a for-profit company that charges a fixed amount for each case, is paid by the employer or an intermediary that arranged the treatment.

    “It was a big selling point, having an American doctor,” Ferguson said.

    "The American surgeons work closely with a Mexican counterpart and local nurses. NASH buys additional malpractice coverage for the American physicians, who could be sued in the United States by patients unhappy with their results.

    “In the past, medical tourism has been mostly a blind leap to a country far away, to unknown hospitals and unknown doctors with unknown supplies, to a place without U.S. medical malpractice insurance,” said James Polsfut, the chief executive of NASH. “We are making the experience completely different and removing as much uncertainty as we can.”

    A few years ago a friend went to Cartegena, Columbia, for surgery. The package included three days of sightseeing and then surgery in a Swiss hospital with Swiss doctors.

    It is my opinion that as hospital costs rise and the government forces the costs even higher "medical tourism" will increase. I know of Canadians who came to the U.S. for treatment that was either unavailable in Canada or not timely. If the U.S. follows Canada's lead to socialized medicine then "medical tourism" will get a bigger boost.
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    A lot...if not, most...are elective surgeries. You do NOT want your chest cracked in Thailand.
    Good journey, Rickity!

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    why would American doctors do this? and then need more e&O coverage?? HELL NO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso Jones View Post
    why would American doctors do this? and then need more e&O coverage?? HELL NO.
    Fortunately we have a few exceptionally great docs here who practice at one of our
    hospitals with a very advanced robotic surgery center.

    They also travel worldwide to teach their technics.

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