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Thread: California passes bill to keep Trump off ballot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daily Bread View Post
    Forgive them for they know not what they do .
    truly admirable, my friend.

    but no, i can't.
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    Due to the "winner-take-all" system, there's no realistic chance Trump could gain any electors from California in the electoral college, so this would be unlikely to affect the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election.

    However, what it will do is drastically skew the results of the popular vote. Maybe the state government in California doesn't want people to see how many votes Trump would get in California. It would likely be embarrassingly high.
    Also, since California contains 12% of the population of the entire country, it will be a basis for them to complain about how Trump won despite not receiving the popular vote, even though 12% of the ballots in the country won't have even had Trumps name on it. You can be sure the media will spin that somehow.
    Maybe they are even concerned he might actually win the popular vote, and so want to try to conceal that.

    As for the Constitutionality of it, I personally believe individual states do have the right to pass laws to exclude Presidential candidates from the election. Some of you may be forgetting that before the Seventeenth Amendment, state legislatures were also the ones who appointed senators.

    This is all as it should be, from a Constitutional perspective. But the state is still playing very dirty politics and moving away from the concept of the popular vote.
    Every single state in the country passed laws to decide who its electors should vote (for President) for based on the popular vote within their state. By passing this law, California would be taking away the vote from its own people and going back to a different time period in the country's history. Ironically becoming regressive and less democratic.

    And ironically, as much as the state wants to do away with the Electoral College system, if they did so then what they are doing now would not be Constitutional.

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