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Thread: Not again! Another Dorian?

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    Cool Not again! Another Dorian?

    Here comes Tropical Storm Humberto moving down on the Bahamas.
    All President Trumpís fault.
    PTC 9 was bringing heavy rain showers and gusty winds to the east coast of Florida and The Bahamas on Friday morning, including the islands of the Northwest Bahamas hardest-hit by Hurricane Dorian earlier this month. Settlement Point, on the western end of Grand Bahama Island, which was devastated by Dorian, recorded sustained winds of 28 mph, gusting to 32 mph, at 2 am EDT Friday morning. As of 11 am EDT Friday, the top surface winds found by the Hurricane Hunters in PTC 9 were just 25 mph, though the plane had not sampled the entire circulation yet.
    Are the media outlets going to fall all over themselves hysterically like the last time?
    And, to add to it all:
    New tropical wave off the coast of Africa a threat to develop
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    A Soldier's Stories - Reports of news and interesting stuff

    I proudly voted for President Trump!

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    "PTC 9 was bringing heavy rain showers and gusty winds to the east coast of Florida "

    Nope, never happened.

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    thankyou George Bush. ever since Katrina youve been sending us an ocean swell that cant be handled by Algores ocean level sea rise.
    sic semper tyrannis

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    OMG! Winds of 28mph!! Where is Jim Cantori??? Three or four days ago, that thing was making a beeline for us in the panhandle and would be on a path to terrorize Alabama. I bet President Trump's Sharpie scared the hell out of PTC9, too. I better shuttup now before the Left wants to ban Sharpies.
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    This one is predicted to turn sharply to the east and not come with several hundred miles of Florida. 28 mph winds while not light winds are certainly not destructive. I have been sailing on a 22 ft sailboat in winds of over 25 mph and not felt I was in any danger.

    This isn't stopping the weather reports from predicting mass destruction and loss of life if it changes direction and if the wind speed becomes 4 times its current speed. They can either talk about the debacle of the Democrat debates 24/7 or about the possibility of a storm they can blame on Trump. Given the agenda of the entire MSM which would you think will happen.
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    As long as the media has something to talk about other than Trump they are not bad mouthing Trump, so it's good.

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