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Thread: Supplements barely do anything for your health

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    In the last 30 years I have leaned towards the natural approach to healing. I have elevated cholesterol; my MD suggested that I take a particular prescription drug to lower my cholesterol, which created problems for me.

    A Naturopathic physician recommended I take Soy Lecithin, which doesn't lower cholesterol, but keeps plaque from adhering to the heart and capillaries, an inherent problem with high cholesterol.
    But over the years this approach has worked for me very well.

    I also had some heart problems along with an irregular heart beat. Taking Hawthorn berry corrected that problem 'toot sweet.'

    Keep in mind, a natural approach to healing can be much different than products that end up as a lawyers TV commercial in seeking damages for errantly prescribed medicine, and/or procedures gone wrong (for some.)

    IMO of course.
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