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    Ya should have jammed the needle through his arm.

    I don't even CARE if it's true or don't make jokes with someone with an IV needle, or a straight razor, or who's holding a weapon!

    Gawd...when I lived in Ohio, my regular barber was an Irish immigrant. "The Irish Barber" his sign said; and he and maps of the Auld Sod all over his shop. Good barber...and one day when he was doing the straight-razor thing with my neck, I made the innocent mistake of suggesting he was British.

    Sean was, like I said, personable and smart. He got in front of me, arms folded...said, "Now you been a customer here a long time, Mr Thru...but dontcha EVAH put in in bed with that bunch. And NEVAH when I've got me razor out...if ya value yor head..."

    Okay, Sean. Got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonsqtr View Post
    No wait... there's a reason I asked that question! So like, if Susan Rice decides to show up on this forum someday (y'know, her real live true self), then I intend to call her a lyin' sack o' shit right to her face. I won't mince words either. There might even be a few expletives involved. (Gasp). Do I actually have to be polite to her just 'cause she's a member, or how does this work exactly?

    >> I think signatures are stupid.

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    Civility is an important part of whether I stay around a forum or not. A forum where there is constant personal attacks and flame wars isn't worth the hassle. Haven't seen that here so far!

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