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Thread: California Illegals Called Victims of ICE Terror!

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    California Illegals Called Victims of ICE Terror!

    ‘The Effect Is Terror’: Immigrant Advocates in SoCal Brace for ICE Sweeps

    Emilio Amaya, a longtime immigrant advocate in the Inland Empire, spent much of the day Friday taking calls from a frightened community.

    Some people had called the San Bernardino Community Service Center because of rumors, which turned out to be unfounded, that immigration raids were underway in their neighborhoods. Others shared that they had bought food and other basics so that they would not have to leave their homes next week. Still others said they would not be taking their children outside in the coming days.

    No one yet knows the actual impact of nationwide immigration enforcement operations set to start Sunday.

    President Trump had said Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would begin removing “millions” in the country illegally. Federal officials then said that agents in major U.S. cities would target up to 2,000 family members for deportation. On Friday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said about 140 individuals with orders for removal would be targeted by immigration agents in Southern California.

    Note the LA Times is also running a story about Police not willing to cooperate with ICE! Criminal Sanctuary seems to be in full force in some areas. ICE is only going after people identified by Court orders, a small fraction of actual law breakers, and they are not "Migrants" as legal status is implied by that description.

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