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Thread: Soros’ money takes Virginia elections

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    Thumbs up Soros’ money takes Virginia elections

    In Arlington and Fairfax counties for local prosecutors.
    The money gave Tafti and Descano a significant financial advantage over the incumbents, despite their lack of experience. The Washington Post reported that while the two challengers have never prosecuted a case in a state court, they beat candidates with more than 60 years of experience between them.
    Got that? He pours endless money to get two guys elected who’ve never tries a case in court.
    Because they go along with Governor McAuliffe’s push to restore voting rights of convicted felons with they serve their time.
    The Washington Free Beacon notes that Soros has funded attorney and prosecutor candidates in states including California, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico. His preferred candidates have for the most part won their races.
    And dummies are going along with this Open Borders slug. They’re letting him buy seats in the legal system. I have no idea what he’s after by doing this.

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    You don't?

    Leftist control of the legal system, is worth more than leftist control of the educational system.

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    they'll also support the globalist, antigun agenda.
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