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Thread: Hollywood Writers Are Cranking Out Scripts Portraying Conservatives As Monsters

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    Hollywood Writers Are Cranking Out Scripts Portraying Conservatives As Monsters

    Hollywood Writers Are Cranking Out Scripts Portraying Conservatives As Monsters

    You probably assumed this was happening. There are a host of would-be screenwriters in Hollywood seeking to dramatize people connected to the Trump administration or to the conservative media they blame for electing Trump. Naturally, everyone on the right is assumed to be a monster in Hollywood but that creates a problem. Because as much as Hollywood is a liberal town that gives loads of cash to Democrats and their causes, it’s also a business town that knows its business. In this case, it knows that no one wants to sit through a preachy film in which everyone is a monster.

    The current national unpleasantness requires origin stories, and so the content machine is churning them out. Drudge is just one of the scripts that includes the Conways and Coulter, Drudge and Breitbart, and has been hopping from desk to desk of producers and agents in town…There are so many stories and screenplays in Hollywood about how Trump got to where he is that it can feel as though every single breath taken on earth for the past 70-plus years somehow led to November 8, 2016.
    There’s no shortage of material. And while the goal of mostly liberal writers is to paint a picture of narcissists and monsters, the dramatic and commercial imperatives require that reality be transformed, and that can be problematic. Read any of these scripts and you will notice that the characters surrounding Trump have been given the good old studio note to make our protagonists (or antagonists) “likable” so that the audience can identify with them. Reading about poor little Drudge, whose parents didn’t love him (literally, according to the script), and Breitbart taking hits from a bong alone on Christmas, you can’t help but feel sorry for these guys. They don’t come across as villains, but rather as the most pathetic people on earth who just so happened to have a Packard Bell 486 with an 850-megabyte hard drive. And yet they both went on to become villains, changing the shape of America by peddling divisive content, probably because their parents didn’t love them (literally) enough. CUT TO: Trump being elected.
    No doubt some of these scripts will sell and some will get made. Most of them will be awful for one simple reason: The people they are writing about aren’t monsters. Until Hollywood finds a writer who gets that, this is just going to be boring progressive propaganda.
    The anti-Bush writers of anti-WOT scripts (that bombed at the box office) have a new target. And will produce more box-office-bombs. Like John Sexton asks, who wants to watch such dreary preachy just-so schlock?
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    Let the fools blow their money. Who cares about Hollywood these days?

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    As an example, I was looking at a recent season of Murdoch Mysteries on DVD. Corrupt, evil people who have taken over the police department talk of how they are going "to make Toronto great again," an obvious poke at Trump.

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    Do people even go to movies that ARE NOT "Blockbusters," any more???

    It has gotten to the point, that (GOOD) Drama is almost entirely resigned to TELEVISION.

    Hollywood is already in a pretty strong death spiral, due to better television work, high priced actors, and, their constant need to dispense 'advice' to all the 'low born' folks out there.

    Completely pissing off, roughly half of their potential audience does not seem the wisest of actions in such an environment.
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    Yea, I've got a life sized picture of those studios and actors taking a personal hit into the millions, for crumbs.

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