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Thread: The Endgame of the Student Loan Debacle - Now it makes Sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by lodrek View Post
    Yeah, sorry to hear that, but i'm already loaned some from REMOVED let's see how it works.
    I totally agree, that is just stupid. I mean, when you promoting payday loan agency that aggressive, people will not trust them even more they do know. Most consider them as loanshark that will set people on a endless loaning circle where you will have to take yo take next loan to close a previous one. We might come to some local services like REMOVED but i doubt people will use that suspicious 420 something loan etc.
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    The student loan crisis is easy to fix: redo the accreditation system for colleges such as if gender studies are taught, women's studies are taught, they have a diversity departent, a Title IX department, inteferring with free speech, protest, etc., no guaranteed student loans and tax their endowments at 75%.
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    Get the government out of it.

    Let the free market decide if the value of this "education" is worth the risk of the loans.

    Watch tuition prices plummet, immediately.

    Also, watch "professors" like Billy Ayers retire, go on a YUUGE pension, and spend the rest of his life damning free markets and those who support them.

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    Government and academia are how leftists get rich. University administrators and professors are in the enviable position of being able to invent 20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities as a way to legally rob immature, irresponsible kids of the mountains of easy, 'taxpayer backed' student loan money that is being dangled in front of them.

    also criminal is how Democrat congresscritters are simultaneously pandering to 'student loan forgiveness'....which A) increases the number and dollar amount of the loans, which means more money available to the colleges/administrators/professors, and B) prompts many student borrowers to VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS (because they promise to make the big monthly payment go away!)
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