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Thread: About thread merges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crunch View Post
    I have noticed that you are particularly vigilant about pointing out whenever I duplicate a thread.

    Do you do the same for other people or am I just special?

    I don't notice, particularly, who posted a duplicate. Unless it was me. And I don't look for duplicates, I just either notice them on the latest threads index or remember having seen a story before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinnity View Post
    If the category is abused, there will be a response from staff. Keep that in mind.

    Sometimes it sucks when I'm right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinnity View Post
    Traddles is a big help. He catches dupes and reports them with both links. This playground pissing match is pointless.
    I was just kidding him. Oh well.

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    This forum is open to the Public. All members are reminded to follow the rules.
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