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  1. anti-science
  2. The Central Flaw of Evolution
  3. We’ll all get a great view of Uranus tonight, and we won’t even need a telescope
  4. How evolution really works
  5. "Race and IQ" science project causes uproar at Sacramento high school
  6. Without The US, The Second World War Would have Ended Differently
  7. Einstein 'puzzle' missing pages found/ + he comments on Hitler
  8. does God play dice with the universe?
  9. Biological warfare
  10. Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe
  11. 13,000 “death scientists” hard at work destroying humanity with germ warfare
  12. Going in for knee replacement
  13. General Motors: Climate change is real
  14. Engineer Makes DIY Cell Phone With Rotary Dial So She Doesn’t Have to Use a Smartphon
  15. Scientists: Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" notion proven for first time!
  16. Astronomers have found the edge of the Milky Way at last
  17. US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice
  18. Hospitals Using COVID-19 To Stand Down When Patients Have “Do Not Resuscitate”
  19. Coronavirus: Union Locates 39 Million N95 Masks To Deliver To Healthcare Workers
  20. Hospital "dumping"
  21. cowboy cures
  22. COVID Found in China Smuggled Animals
  23. Indicted Harvard carbon nanotube bio-warfare
  24. A Real and Clear Description of Covid19
  25. 200,000 Americans are expected to die with Coronavirus.
  26. Extra Safety Tips Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  27. FDA approval of new 5-minute coronavirus test, emergency authorization of drugs
  28. Dem governor who banned coronavirus drug relied on doctor with no license
  29. Covid-19’s meant to be a new Black Death, but in Britain no more people are dying tha
  30. We're Being Scammed
  31. Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifical
  32. Some Much-Needed Coronavirus Perspective
  33. Open Letter from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel
  34. Governors are blocking doctors' attempts to save lives Exclusive
  35. Time for a Second Opinion
  36. Nearly every person dying from the coronavirus likely has these 3 things in common
  37. type o blood less likely to get the virus
  38. The power of Vitamin D
  39. Do It Yourself Dentist
  40. Self-Driving Bicycle
  41. Canadian Shares 4 Experiences with Canada's Supposedly Superior Gov't-Run Health Care
  42. The best disinfectants for viruses and which ingredients to look for
  43. Has China found a cure
  44. American coronavirus stats.
  45. 21yr old Student Makes Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  46. Could tobacco have the cure for covid19?
  47. 'Beyond sickening': James Dobson uncorks on 'absurd' abortion decision amid coronavir
  48. FDA Issues New Regs For Gay Men, Sex Workers, Drug Users to Donate Blood
  49. Medical Detection Dogs Training to Sniff out Coronavirus
  50. 104-year-old World War II Veteran Beats Coronavirus
  51. CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You're Just Assuming or I
  52. No vaccine, no job:
  53. COVID prediction of 50K hospitalizations in N.Y. by April 1 turned out to be 400%
  54. USA Today fact-checked Obama administration depleted federal stockpile of N95 masks
  55. Thousands of DR.s praise use of Chloroquine
  56. Researchers discover anti-parasite drug kills coronavirus in lab
  57. Inside the hospitals and why the lock down?
  58. India not sharing Chloroquine
  59. Healthcare Worker Says Police Took Her Children Because Her Job ‘Exposes Her to Coron
  60. Lets Get Real - Lockdown Edition
  61. Bet you didn't know this.....
  62. Find this chart helpful for real numbers
  63. Why I will NEVER do Ancestry DNA or similar programs...
  64. Coronavirus mutated into three distinct strains as it spread across the world
  65. Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan
  66. WHO Leader: Now We Must Snatch People From Their Homes to Defeat Coronavirus Pandemic
  67. Some Saturday humor . . .
  68. Dangerous Curves
  69. You won't find this DR. on MSM
  70. Epidemiologist: Coronavirus Could Be “Exterminated” If Lockdowns Are Lifted (Video)
  71. Verizon’s new marketing tool sets emails to arrive when you look at your inbox
  72. A video which gives the Corona Virus details, in something close to layman terms.
  73. Trump Was Right All Along: Studies Find Most NYC COVID Cases Came from Europe
  74. These New Solar-Pavement Driveways Made of Plastic Bottles Can Power the Average Hous
  75. At Least One Ohio County Counting People with Symptoms but No Positive Test as COVID
  76. The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers
  77. Lost Book of Remedies
  78. Coronavirus case and death counts in U.S. ridiculously low
  79. Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern
  80. US Timeline of Coronavirus Events, Actions & Progress
  81. 0bama opted not to prepare for a pandemic.
  82. NASA Funds Proposal to Build a Gigantic Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon
  83. 2020: Bird Flu is Storming Across South Carolina
  84. Government Cronyism Undermines COVID Prevention
  85. All about masks
  86. MIT study: Subways a ‘major disseminator’ of coronavirus in NYC
  87. Dr Rashid A Buttar Live - HUGE NEWS! Surgeon General Jerome Adams DROPS Gates/CDC/WHO
  88. Hair lice drug kills coronavirus
  89. Dr. Stanley Plotkin........leading expert in vaccines
  90. Why Is Chuck Norris Being Sued by Big Pharma For Sharing This Revolutionary Diabetes
  91. VP Joe Biden...
  92. Coronavirus vaccine researchers using tissue of aborted babies
  93. Vaccines INGREDIENTS by Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of Vaccines!
  94. Coronavirus bill establishes national 'surveillance' of health care!
  95. Real Numbers Show COVID Response Is World-Class, Far Superior to Anti-Trump Portrayal
  96. The 3-phase plan for opening up America....
  97. Friggen Gout attack.
  98. New Research Suggests Massive Number of Americans Have Had Coronavirus w No Symptoms
  99. Sweden Official: Coronavirus Strategy of Keeping the Country Open Seems To Be Working
  100. Meteor Shower Tonight
  101. Blue Collar Logic....
  102. EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Ec
  103. Dr. Buttar video goes viral.....
  104. I won't "Murder" Dr Faucci
  105. Robert f. Kennedy jr. Explains why he says ‘the cdc is actually a vaccine company’
  106. 66 F-16’s for Taiwan, others for future enemies of America
  107. Scientific evidence! Study proves liberals have more mental disorders than others
  108. Bill gates and ellen discuss vaccinating ‘7 billion healthy people’
  109. Tracking down the origin of the Wuhan virus
  110. And they call Trump ‘dangerous’? Turns out, Chris Cuomo’s wife was bathing in bleach
  111. Why Is Denzel Washington Being Sued by Big Pharma?
  112. UNREAL: Faulty Coronavirus Tests Sent to States by CDC Were Tainted with Coronavirus
  113. Coronavirus patients admitted to Queens nursing home — with body bags
  114. PA Takes Hundreds of 'Probable' COVID Deaths Off Books After Coroners Come Forward
  115. How to legally decline a vaccination
  116. Bad time for a heart attack in NYC
  117. They knew the virus was coming in 2007:
  118. Italian government to investigate nursing homes over coronavirus deaths,
  119. VIDEO: Hundreds Attend Chicago House Party During Coronavirus Pandemic
  120. Blue Collar Logic Podcast on the Truth on COVID-19...
  121. Gates Continues The Scam: Pushes Immunity Passports & Tech-Enabled Surveillance State
  122. 146 homeless in Boston shelter tested positive for coronavirus, NONE had any symptoms
  123. Kepler Telescope finds habitable planet
  124. The truth about Fauci featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits
  125. Using the tablet feature of a 2 in 1 laptop?
  126. Bleeding Heart Liberal’ Exports Germs From NYC Epicenter to Low Caseload NC,
  127. Dr. Fauci had an Assistant Doctor Fired and Jailed in 2011 for Warning that Vaccines
  128. Patients Left To Die, No Treatment, No Drugs, It’s Murder, It’s Out Of A Horror Movie
  129. coronavirus will be a yearly event
  130. Asteroid flys past earth today
  131. 3.0 HCQ lit-PD-HGS77X2-DC79
  132. A review of covid-19
  133. 900 workers test positive in TYSON plant
  134. Space Plane to Orbit Earth for Two Years
  135. We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time
  136. Foreign Shell Companies Trying to Infiltrate US Defense Industry
  137. Todays Gee Whiz fact
  138. Really interesting, worth a read
  139. Is Sparky on board ~ electronic question ```
  140. UK: Amputee's wife builds makeshift wooden leg, because NHS wait times too long
  141. Masks Don’t Work A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy
  142. Trump Pushes Proven Vaccine for Coronavirus
  143. Why lockdowns are the wrong policy - Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke
  144. Your Healing is AS SIMPLE AS Getting Saved! | Sandra Kennedy
  145. Are humans naturally solitary or social creatures?
  146. Full-length title: Early treatment of COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and a
  147. The chances of whacking a floating container mid ocean
  148. COVID-19 Found in the Semen of Patients
  149. News from Youtube by Robert
  150. Test positive for covid19 for life?
  151. More with virus in the White House
  152. Elon Musk on CV-19....
  153. Dennis Prager on the Lockdown saying what I've been saying...
  154. Israel covid break through
  155. Conservatives and Science....
  156. How to describe 10 dimensions
  157. The New Manfactured News: Covid 2 was NOT engineered in a Lab
  158. How many of you know who Dr. Neil Ferguson is?
  159. There might be a new Fundamental Force we hadnt spotted.....
  160. 200 cases of child Kawasaki syndrome in 20 states
  161. If Wacky Weather Is Bad Now, Wait A Minute
  162. After this is over
  163. Why we need a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc ASAP​
  164. Hey Siri, are you still recording people's conversations despite promising not to?
  165. Intelligent Life On Other Planets? The Odds Say It’s A Good Bet, Study Finds
  166. Detective, Nurse, confidant: Virus Tracers plays many roles
  167. US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election
  168. dead battery
  169. How deadly is Covid-19?
  170. 24 mins that will warp your mind for the better
  171. Copy and paste ? WTF
  172. Avatar doesn't show up in threads
  173. I Would Appreciate Your Opinion...
  174. COVID-19 and male sterility
  175. Another Bi-product of Covid
  176. More proof.
  177. Coronavirus vaccine trial could fail because COVID-19 is disappearing too quickly, sa
  178. CDC now says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ on surfaces
  179. Live 5/27 - Dragon Demo 2 Space Launch
  180. How is This a Thing? 25th May 2020
  181. Arizona sues Google over claims it illegally tracked location of Android users
  182. These individuals, from six to 95-year-old, fought the coronavirus and won.
  183. CDC: Coronavirus Fatality Rate 0.26%, 8-15x Lower than Estimates
  184. Can You "Catch A Virus"? - Tom Barnett, M.D. - Google
  185. Live Space X Launch - TAKE 2
  186. SpaceX prepares to launch, live feed
  187. Coronavirus Damages kidneys and Hearts As Well As Lungs, U.S. Doctors Find
  188. China admits COVID 'did not originate in Wuhan market'
  189. What is it with Russians and Routine Maintenance.......
  190. This, it seems, is what happened to PIA8303
  191. SORRY AMERICA – Those Catastrophic Mortality Rates Sold to Us by the WHO
  192. A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling
  193. Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: ground breaking study
  194. And another one agrees with me about the origins of COVID
  195. No-touch Infrared Laser Thermometer: How does it work etc.
  196. UK Track and Trace App fiasco, multiple cockups
  197. Todd White - Light Overtakes All Darkness
  198. Todd White - What to do When the Devil Attacks
  199. How Jake Davis found out how to get 1,000,000 free pints of beer.
  200. Nearly missed this - Branson Space effort gone in 9 seconds.
  201. 1 PM News: Trump gave credit to the economic shutdown:
  202. Heavy lightning storm in Florida
  203. Big frosty brick warning
  204. Lidocane is weak
  205. The A-10
  206. Second CORONA-19 Wave Will Be Nothing Like The First
  207. Unexpected
  208. Google Search is the Greatest Mind Control Brainwashing Tool in the History of
  209. A Parodox Of The Government Shutdown
  210. The Man From Barcelona
  211. Todd White - How to Grow in Christ
  212. STUNNING New Horizons Pluto flyover.
  213. Informational: The Great Filter and Alien life
  214. Is This Yet Another Biased Study about About Milk Consumption?
  215. Is This Yet Another Biased Study About Milk Consumption?
  216. False Security
  217. The Truth About Face Masks
  218. LOCKDOWN LUNACY: The Thinking Person’s Guide
  219. Proof the entire universe is rotating
  220. Microsoft Update has New Edge Browser
  221. They were wrong on covid
  222. Is there a compass that will work on Mars?
  223. Double-double tracking: How Tim Hortons knows where you sleep, work and vacation
  224. Free Healthcare for All
  225. another smart device to avoid
  226. How is This a Thing? 22nd of June 2020
  227. something smells of fish.....
  228. Martian Soil is Toxic And There Are violent dust storms
  229. Baldness and COVID-19
  230. PIA 8303 CRASH - developments
  231. Absolutely 3rd World Ridiculous Still No Lysol Spray
  232. Hospitals shutting down, unable to stay financially afloat
  233. New Study Finds Much More Global Greening than Previously Estimated Patrick J. Michae
  234. My computer is now a mutt
  235. NASA wants to hear your ideas for engineering the best toilet to use on the Moon
  236. Problematic: Face Masks And The Lack Of Oxygen?
  237. Virus Reality
  238. june snowstorms out west
  239. New Flu With Pandemic Potential found in China
  240. EVen the UN is warning about the environmental damage Electric Vehicles will cause
  241. Funny: 5 of the Worlds most Dangerous Chemicals
  242. Bang!
  243. UVC light kills corona virus 99.9 %
  244. If you still dont think AI and robotics are significant, read this
  245. ENCROCHAT busted - but is there something fishy?
  246. New form of diamond discovered - Pentadiamond
  247. Water on Mars? Not a problem, Sir.
  248. Climate Skeptic Morano: ‘We accept former activists apologies for the climate scare —
  249. Two ufo's over Houses of Parliament, on BBC news background
  250. No Big Bang? Quantum Equation Predicts Universe Has No Begining.