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  1. Shetland Islands fuck up Sturgeon and Scots Indy.
  2. Andy Gray Still Bitter About Exit From Sky Sports Seven Years On
  3. Aussies All See Trump 2.0
  4. advertisement saying not to give money to homeless banned by UK
  5. The tyranny of Canada has been confirmed by Dr Jacque Girad
  6. Help Find The Thug! Extinction Rebellion protester ATTACKS outside Parliament
  7. Wuhan Flu Testing in Ontario...What a joke!
  8. #2 Guy in Queensland's COVID/TRUMP Comments:
  9. Charges DROPPED against Alberta teen farmer after police brutality video goes viral
  10. fuk prince harry
  11. Man in UK jailed for "rape" for poking hole in condom
  12. The James Bod Bill
  13. Australia's wild plan to eliminate smoking
  14. Australian feminist cafe
  15. Leprechaun offering pots of gold for sex! Go getchu sum!!
  16. BBC drama about Jimmy savile's sexual abuse.
  17. Australian cyclist who was not wearing mask accused of "not excercising"
  18. Blimey! We're all gonna die from the China virus!
  19. The BBC news at 6 caught hidding important information from the british public again.
  20. Amazing Yorkshire woman sums up EVERYTHING!!
  21. British special forces storm oil tanker in English Channel to arrest stowaways who
  22. Canadian transgender woman sues after being refused by beauty pageant
  23. Soft Totalitarianism Threatens Scotland
  24. Scottish Hate Crime Bill Would Criminalize Offensive Dinner Table Conversations
  25. Corbynism in denial
  26. Jeremy Corbyn suspended from Labour party
  27. "The government is killing my business": Montreal personal trainer FED UP with COVID
  28. another lockdown in UK
  29. Halloween 2020 *2 Killed in Halloween Stabbing Spree in Quebec City
  30. ROXHAM ROAD: Refugees STILL WELCOME at illegal Canada/US border crossing
  31. Police TRAP & BASH lockdown protesters in Melbourne today
  32. The essential English dress sense!
  33. Better news from down under than we have here
  34. New Party
  35. "Stop the War, Save Australia"
  36. Real Aussie Class...
  37. Canadian Fake News Outlets Fawning Over Fake Biden Win
  38. 'Ever heard of Guy Fawkes?'
  39. Extinction Rebellion activists hijack the Cenotaph
  40. Austria to Ban ‘Political Islam’ After Terror Attack
  41. COVID-19: UK economy revival is breathtaking
  42. Migrant caught hunting with a rifle in park B
  43. The Yorkshire Ripper dies aged 74
  44. Alberta Education paid WE Charity for anti-racism, citizenship programs for students
  45. UK Military Services.
  46. World Reset: Trudeau tells UN conf. that pandemic provided "opportunity for a reset"
  47. Virgin cock (up)
  48. The separatist movement is growing in Saskatchewan |
  49. The labour party want to ban 'false information' about covid.
  50. Intelligence shocker for the British academic elite!
  51. Dr. Roger Hodkinson view of Wuhan Flu
  52. COVID-19: Hundreds of black cabs stored in fields as fares in London dry up
  53. Scotland shuts its borders from TONIGHT and anyone entering or leaving will be fined
  54. My word to the canada communist retard pm
  55. Covid-19: UK setting up vaccine centres ready for rollout
  56. Boris Johnson Brexit Deal Expected To Be Done In 9 Days. It Sounds Like A Sellout
  57. England v Ireland Try of the match
  58. Suicide in long term care: Canadian senior chooses death over living through...
  59. Kununnura...Again.
  60. Boris to make DRAMATIC intervention clearing path for UK-EU deal
  61. Boris Johnson warned six months of port ‘mayhem’ ahead in 2021,
  62. Rishi Sunak set to reveal £100bn stealth tax on millions of private pensions
  64. Meagan Markle has a miscarriage
  65. Why the Scots will not vote for independance.
  66. Bizarre moment shopper chucks 500 booze bottles on floor in five-minute in Aldi
  67. Train passenger tells mum to 'get out of the country' for refusing to wear mask
  68. Tricia Gauthier Gosselin, 28 took photos of elderly people in unenviable situations
  69. Sir Philip Green's TopShop empire Arcadia Group faces collapse within days
  70. A MUM has revealed her simple trick for de-icing her car windscreen in seconds
  71. Gregg Wallace reveals booze battle would see him drink from 10am in local pub
  72. Scotland's Sturgeon puts UK on independence warning: We want a referendum soon
  73. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is the “Premier Who Stole Christmas”
  74. Hidden Welsh Witchcraft Den And Demon Traps Discovered In Old Home
  75. Brexit: UK in 'last leg' of trade talks with EU, says Raab
  76. Clothes moths have been an increasing problem in England
  77. Tyranny: Alberta's Administrative Penalties Act Abolishes Presumption of Innocence
  78. Soccer players punished for making ridiculous "racist" internet posts
  79. COVID-19: Matt Hancock says virus is 'back under control' - but we must stay vigilant
  80. Why is Trudeau REFUSING to BAN Huawei’s 5G network in Canada?
  81. Tier 2 drinkers celebrate end of lockdown with breakfast beers and full English
  82. Here’s Why The U.K. Beat The U.S. To Approve A Covid-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use
  83. We have something to Promote Canada
  84. BMW driver faces 107 penalty points after setting off 32 speed cameras on M6
  85. We compare supermarket mince pies to see which contains the most filling
  86. Intelligent Life Is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY To Be Out There
  87. First snowfall in Scotland as residents wake up to winter season overnight
  88. Driver who refused to back up to let woman park 4x4 is CHOKED by her partner
  89. The Tesco TV advert
  90. Up Helly Aa 2021 Postponed
  91. AUSTRALIA needs its own forum...
  92. Crooked Liverpool mayor arrested
  93. Universal income and mandatory vaccine for Canada
  94. Pierre Poilievre responds to Justin Trudeau's Fall Economic Update 2020
  95. FA condemns Millwall fans for booing players as they take a knee
  96. Gordon Brown predicts voters would reject Scottish independence in second referendum
  97. Harrods CHAOS as hundreds of youths ‘attempt to force entrance’ – ‘Mayhem!
  98. I do not have a French forum?
  99. Monolith discovered on Isle of Wight similar to ones found in US and Romania
  100. In Case of Snake Bite...
  101. Traffic officer 'gobsmacked' after filming ‘UFO’ hovering in skies while on patrol
  102. Cold water swim 'obliterated' woman's short-term memory
  103. Dozens of migrants who crossed Channel in small boats will be deported this week
  104. I Think This Is Clever...
  105. Coronation Street: The biggest shocks and saddest moments as soap turns 60
  106. The psychopath invited enemy in Canada
  107. And yet another moslem pedo gang...
  108. Brexit: 'Strong possibility' of no trade deal with EU - PM
  109. Equality of the Sexes
  110. Trucker fined $1,296 by Manitoba cops for outdoor Christian carol-singing
  111. Chinese spies infiltrated UK , HSBC, Rolls Royce...
  112. China Stinks...
  113. Wife stressed out
  114. Finally, a slight rowing back....
  115. Aussie Soldier Steps Down After Drinking Out of Fake Leg
  116. Boris Johnson to address nation today after emergency cabinet meeting on coronavirus
  117. Canada, Britain very close to deal to avoid post-Brexit tariffs
  118. Boris Johnson to hold press conference this evening over growing Covid-19 crisis
  119. UK coronavirus variant may be more able to infect children - scientists
  120. COVID-19: Anti-vaxxers 'targeting ethnic minorities and parents'
  121. comment on no deal brexit
  122. BLM BBC style
  123. The Brexit deal: What we know so far
  124. WA, Australia
  125. Lady Tebbit's life laid bare the monstrosities of the IRA
  126. Happy Boxing Day
  127. And now the Dominos will start to fall
  128. Empty hospital in England - one vid of many like this....
  129. Keeping the Gibraltar border open.
  130. We will be back soon, Scotland's Sturgeon says as the UK exits the EU's orbit
  131. The invasion of the Canadian Squirrel continues
  132. Four Navy warships steam into the Channel in warning to French trawlers
  133. BREAKING: Alberta minister takes secret trip to Hawaii during her own lockdown!
  134. NEW YEAR, NEW TAXES: Trudeau's carbon tax going up, up, up
  135. I Am Beyond Furious
  136. Billy Connolly
  137. lets play a game. H.M.S. Mary Rose
  138. BREAKING: Alberta's lockdown cheaters fired en masse by Jason Kenney
  139. Why UK Labour are not going to win the next 3 elections
  140. Clown world strikes again in UK
  141. Bovril
  142. Ontario nurse risks 14-year career to challenge “official” COVID-19 narrative
  143. Gang who sexually preyed on girls left alone because of order from higher up
  144. "Northwest Passage' - should it be the new Canadian National Anthem?
  145. Google Has To Cough Up, Here?
  146. Joe Biden is a “national security disaster” for the US
  147. Perfect example of why we voted Brexit
  148. LOCKDOWN 3
  149. Whats wrong with the UK today in one picture.
  150. Knowledge, Power and Money
  151. Major Hypocrisy of Canada PM's
  152. Disgusting, enraging, heartbreaking and brutal lockdown arrest
  153. Kier Starmer just lost the next election
  154. BBC bans Johnny Rotten in 1978 for outing Jimmy Saville
  155. Merlina may be dead
  156. Friction between the UK and EU after Brexit.
  157. An ordinary day at the Labour party.....
  158. Chip shops
  159. Joe Bidens security offer from the U.K.
  160. Biden to visit UK first....
  161. Why we needed to dump the ECJ
  162. Aussies Get It...
  163. Trudeau's Christmas vacation: Flight tracking gives evidence for secret trip
  164. Barnier admits the true nature of the EU
  165. Eurostar near bust
  166. Google Threatens OZ...
  167. Comment on the Corruptness of the EU
  168. Covid: 'Why I'm breaking lockdown rules'
  169. RCMP visit reporter AT HOME for publishing story critical of Trudeau government
  170. Paying For Google
  171. Bye Bye BORIS
  172. Toronto police takeover Yonge-Dundas Square, arrest protesters, try to shut down medi
  173. The EU has introduced controls to prevent the export of COVID-19 vaccines to NI
  174. can anyone with " legal "
  175. WHO official: UK should pause vaccinations 'to help vulnerable people worldwide'
  176. The U.K. to join huge trade pact with COTPP
  177. Here come the Concentration Camps
  178. The Union isn't just about keeping Scotland happy
  179. Corbyn lauds a forced labour program
  180. The Eu Vaccine cockup.
  181. More BBC deception
  182. Idle Time Netsurfing WA
  183. Exclusive vid of getaway at Toronto mayor John Tory’s Florida house this weekend!
  184. Sutton Hoo sword
  185. Canadian quarantine hotel owned by Chinese Communist Party company
  186. Helicopters join the Whistle Stop Rebellion: Cops return to small town diner
  187. Something ive thought all along
  188. Aussie Catch Up Time...Again:
  189. Here's why Erin O'Toole fired Pierre Poilievre
  190. More Woke Thinking
  191. Covid Marshall
  192. E.U. ban of British bands touring Europe.
  193. Any Day Now...
  194. Sturgeon orders EU flag to be flown from Scottish government buildings.
  195. Do not resuscitate orders for covid patients with learning disabilities
  196. The Eu Vaccine cockup Part 2
  197. Why Green is Bollox
  198. Covid Shaming - Is This the Canada I Thought I Knew and Loved?
  199. Tucker Carlson REACTS to Zuby's 'Female' Deadlift Record
  200. Sturgeon is about to meet her "Et Tu, Bruti" moment
  201. ITV Jab Passport Propaganda
  202. Trudeau’s hired security allegedly sexually assaulted woman, assaults in COVID hotel
  203. WHEN WILL CANADA BECOME UNLEASHED? Many countries are opening but not us; blame TrudO
  204. UK SUpreme Court tells the Begum Bitch to eff off.
  205. Justin Trudeau Made It Impossible To Be Held Accountable For Bad Behavior?
  206. The Crown
  207. Correct use of language
  208. Toronto's “top doctor” lays out the plan for the New World Order
  209. Huawei VP to run the Conservative Party war room
  210. After he US Election Shitshow with mail in ballots- turdo wants PHONE-IN VOTING
  211. Sussex-ese
  212. What the WE Scandal is really about
  213. The SNP, the other battle thats going on
  214. Why the Royal Family is not 'Racist'
  215. Whitehaven...
  216. The World's a Dangerous Place
  217. Children taken from their parents for being overweight
  218. £80bn boost for [British] military
  219. An R.A.F. rape jape?
  220. No more Lockdowns Protest today in Montreal
  221. A 6pm Curfew For Men
  222. Vaccine nazism
  223. LIVE Do you really think O'Toole will become Canada PM
  224. LIVESTREAM Massive Anti Lockdown Protest - London
  225. Woker and Woker
  226. If O'Toole loses, is it time to bring back Stephen Harper?
  227. Canada : Trudeau's carbon tax up 33% next month
  228. Canada: Great Gobs of Cash 💰
  229. Classic example of shooting your self in the foot
  230. Boris 1 EU 0.
  231. Duke of Sussex gets new job with Silicon Valley startup
  232. Gender Reveal Party
  233. Interesting POV about Megain
  234. Sadiq Khan - spin over substance
  235. Teacher suspended from Yorkshire school after ‘showing cartoons of Mohamm
  236. See this is the sort of thing we get in UK.....
  237. Cant believe they sell now toilet paper with shit on it
  238. Final gem of good news for all the John Bercow haters
  239. 6 People Injured in Stabbing Rampage in North Vancouver -
  240. Oxford University May Scrap Sheet Music for Being Complicit in ‘White Supremacy’
  241. Australian school forces male students to apologize for women being raped
  242. Britain's race revolution
  243. The continuing menace of Mandelson and Rudd
  244. The staggering incompetance of the Spanish water Company.....
  245. Royal Society for Protection of Birds sits on the Wind farm fence.
  246. Enjoy your new and enhanced Carbon Tax Today Everyone!
  247. Why the left needs 'Institutional racism"
  248. Economic downturn in Canada? Pay raise for Members of Parliament!
  249. High Gov't Official in Oz
  250. Tucker Carlson Shines a Light on Turdo's Covid Interment Camps