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  1. Research: Conservatives are Happier, More Generous
  2. 13 yr. old double murderer on the loose
  3. ‘I was afraid he was gonna kill us’: Genesee County man shares tale of home intruder
  4. Drug Cartels in Mexico/Mexican mormon war
  5. 24-Year-Old Model Goes Blind After Tattooing Her Eyeballs
  6. DeMarcus 17-year-old shot to death during attempted armed theft
  7. Dante's Comedy
  8. Homeowner fired warning shot
  9. Pay Attention America
  10. Berkeley instructor: 'Rural Americans' are 'bad people'
  11. California ..... so much wrong there.
  12. Changing Attitudes On Veterans Day
  13. Canadian teacher: “Girls are not real
  14. Chimps: 94 percent the same as us
  15. Greta Thunburg mural in San Fran
  16. Sprite Argentina LGBT Ad Celebrates Mothers Binding Breasts, Dressing Gender-Confused
  17. San Francisco is doomed
  18. Pretty Good
  19. Prager U: Cultural appropriation
  20. Doctors caught on tape......
  21. Barbara Lee D(CA) went to mexico to get Back alley abortion
  22. Cursive Writing Is On Its Way Out
  23. Real Freedom Fights want..
  24. Killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties
  25. Sacred Deception: Taqiyya
  26. 'Crushing' Babies to Harvest Their Organs
  27. ACLU Men who get periods and pregnant are men
  28. The next disclosure will shock the world
  29. Overnight Open Thread: Third Grader Gets A Surprise From His Classmates
  30. Illinois School Board Grants Boys Access To Girls Locker Room.
  31. Kids having trouble with personal contacts?
  32. Kids having trouble with personal contacts?
  33. The real reason for our discussions here
  34. My Dog pines for my mother
  35. Chick Fil A now giving to LGBT charities
  36. Commies on Campus
  37. Socialism is a form of capitalism
  38. Conservative greeting card company Patriot Penguin finds a niche with pro-Trumpers
  39. More SJWing in the military.
  40. Chick-Fil-A Donates to Extremist Southern Poverty Law Center
  41. Perineum Sunning
  42. 5 Facts About Thanksgiving That Leftist Won't Tell You
  43. Thanksgiving For Dummies…Sorry, I Mean College Professors
  44. I called the police today
  45. Culture of Respect: Conservatives Need Not Apply?
  46. Hank
  47. Millennials, America's 5th Column?
  48. ABC American Music awards....hellish
  49. Moved
  50. We're Not Sorry | No More White Guilt
  51. Paris Climate Cluster and Apple
  52. Well, apparently both my dog and my cat want to impeach me for watching TV
  53. Greed took them down
  55. Merry Christmas
  56. Soy boy gets deflated by alpha male in debate on campus
  57. Seattle another dying west coast city
  58. "Krampus Run", Munich, sure looks satanic to me
  59. CLOWNWORLD 6-Year-Old Children Told to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity
  60. Asian restaurant closed because White Owner ‘Culturally Appropriated’ Chinese Cuisine
  61. Longtime Mall Santa Fired After Wearing Trump 2020 Hat
  62. Thank god the cops got this guy!
  63. Kid beaten for wearing Trump tshirt.
  64. Philadelphia's campaign against Catholic adoptions.
  65. Ready to get your Genetic Testing? Here's a link...
  66. I have a simple solution(s)
  67. Massachusetts Town Freaking Over Fake Gun
  68. Hallmark channel has LGBTQ red ball in mouth
  69. New Far-Left Curriculum Transforming Our Pub. Schools (again).
  70. More glorification of dangerous criminals
  71. "Bloods" Threaten Muslim Community Patrol
  72. Moved
  73. Police found children in secret basement hidden beneath preschool
  74. There are more than 40 million enslaved people across the world.
  75. It is okay to be White.
  76. It is okay to be straight.
  77. It's ok to be Polish
  78. Remember the Y2K scam?
  79. Muslim Tells Judge He'll Never 'Rise' For Him
  80. "Gentrification" fuels gun violence
  81. Philanthropy being tught to Pre K Students . . .
  82. Tragedy in the Phillipines
  83. Russia 'successfully tests' its unplugged internet
  84. Fights in malls across the country
  85. NY muslim patrol Vs. The Bloods
  86. New York's Cideries Bring the Tradition of Wassailing to the Finger Lakes
  87. Dude! Mini-Mouse. really
  88. Another education thread but not...
  89. On Burning the Flag
  90. Get the scoop on Tom Hanks
  91. We have learned lately that it is OK to be white, straight or Polish but
  92. We called this one. It seems cops can be attention whores too!
  93. Where Does All This Insanity Come From?
  94. New Year's Resolution: Be Kind
  95. What is Pres. Trump and the GOP doing for Women?
  96. ALERT: Virginians be aware on January 20th
  97. LGBTQ activists attack another church.
  98. Liberal Cities vs....
  99. Crazy woman wants dipping sauce
  100. Crazy woman wants dipping sauce
  101. France discovers their award winning author is a pedophile
  102. Left at it again....rewriting sexual organ definitions
  103. Couple Luring Thieves to Their Yard, Beating Them with Bats, and Posting Videos of it
  104. Millions of Americans Are Unknowingly Funding Sharia Law
  105. Can Pelosi really call herself Christian?
  106. Lancet: The Only Way to Stop Racism Is ‘to Eliminate Whiteness All Together’
  107. Robber shot during smoke shop holdup sentenced to life in prison
  108. The Most Pivotal Year In Our History...
  109. Webster defines term "they" to include "non-binary".
  110. Cardi B Says She Might Run for Congress
  111. Absolutely disgusting....
  112. The top bed bug cities in the USA are....
  113. Doing Business in the Toilet Bowl of the West
  114. Greta Wins a Round in "Cancel Culture" War
  115. ‘My Daddy Has a Gun…and My Mom Does Too!’
  116. So now you can't select winners based upon quality?
  117. Teenager Expelled From School For Wearing Rainbow Shirt
  118. Russian Company Begins Selling Gender Dysmorphia Disordered Male Dolls for #ChildAbus
  119. Why New World Slavery was inevitable
  120. Lesbian, 20, battered in street and left covered in blood by homophobic thugs
  121. Sometimes lawyers and actors give themselves a bad name!
  122. Lady Hitchhikes Across Iraq to Prove Humans are Good, You Can Guess What Happened
  123. The deaf miss the greatest acting lines.
  124. This thing with MLK day is ALL screwed up
  125. Movies better than Joe Kidd
  126. Ilan Omar Wins Antisemite Award for 2019
  127. The latest news on facial recognition - the end of privacy as we know it?
  128. Why millennials support communism
  129. A Man Named Harold; And A President Named Barack.
  130. Government Protected Criminal Networks
  131. Joker Movie and Today's Political Reality
  132. Andy Rooney Says....
  133. Your Brain on Public Schools - Dumb people answer questions
  134. Student Steals MAGA Hat Then Assaults Teacher, Realizes Big Mistake Too Late
  135. Watching the Halftime show
  136. Actor Billy Porter to Appear on ‘Sesame Street’ in His Oscars Tuxedo Dress
  137. Good Grief. Now an employer cannot set hair related standards?
  138. The Murder of Rocky Jones Solved !!!
  139. White men bad!
  140. PETA mugs SeaWorld.
  141. People in Cuba are so devoid of independent thought
  142. Wow. Phoenix has lost it.
  143. Jordan Peterson
  144. Radical leftist staff demanding 'a return to segregation'
  145. As 2,411 aborted babies are laid to rest, pro-life groups black out social media
  146. Washington
  147. 11 kids among 26 shot in Chicago this weekend At least 3 young children
  148. Forget China! War on baby girls documented in United States
  149. Crazy things you did as a kid
  150. Black History Month: Why Don't They Teach About the Arab-Muslim Slave Trade in Africa
  151. Strong message by Aussie's mum | Stop bullying | news.com.au
  152. California homeless flocking to Malibu beaches, dumping sewage
  153. Nationalism: Good and Bad, Lessons From History....
  154. I'm not in the habit od defending the Catholic leaders sex practices BUT
  155. This is whole happens when
  156. Transgender Wins Woman's National Title
  157. Teen w/ Neegan BB bat beats teen leaving him disabled
  158. Parents Are Just Throwing Their Babies in the Trash in New Jersey
  159. Humanity 2020: Celebrating getting an abortion on Tik Tok. The End is indeed near.
  160. 6 Drop Dead Thanks to Obama's Reckless Immigration Policies
  161. Mexican immigrant who was released by Chicago authorities despite ICE telling them no
  162. We Need Someone To Beat Trump
  163. Why all the scare hype about Corona?
  164. A question you need to ask your Leftist friends
  165. She claimed police chief raped her, rental records proved she lied
  166. Pelosi parade . . .
  167. How Many Millennials; to Change a Light Bulb?
  168. Are More Young People Turning to Trump?
  169. Houston restaurant adds $5 fee to menu for customers on their cellphones
  170. How do humiliate a climate alarmist and destroy their lies and lack of science
  171. Bill Clinton: Monica Lewinsky affair was to ‘manage my anxieties’
  172. Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews 'harass' 8-year-old girl over dress
  173. Christians in Israel face rise in hate crimes
  174. 'A Terrible Toll' – 61 Million Abortions Since Roe, New Analysis Says
  175. Who stands to win from the stock market dip and inevitable rebound?
  176. Coronavirus cannot be cured by drinking bleach or snorting cocaine, despite social me
  177. oh oh...common words/phrases now racist
  178. The undeniable upward transfer of wealth in the IRA/401 K era.
  179. Coronavirus Hysteria Worse Than The Disease!
  180. A Question......
  181. Changing expectations for young adults leaving home
  182. If you believe the government is blowing Corona out of proportion...
  183. Here Comes A Constitutional Challenge To JBE’s Lockdown
  184. More Corona Perspective
  185. From Mexico.....
  186. TDS: Rolling Log of Mental Illness
  187. Team Trump's failure....
  188. 99% of their Coronavirus Fatalities Were Already Sick
  189. We Don't Have Enough Data | 3/19/20
  190. Low contact vacation
  191. The corona mess is what globalism brings us
  192. Left-wing student calls police: 'They're threatening me ... with their ideals'
  193. Ask yourself: "what can I do to help?"
  194. Prisoners Filmed Escaping En Masse from Washington Jail
  195. NY declares war on ?
  196. This is not the time
  197. Lifelong Dem Voter Says Streak Will End in Nov After Pelosi Stunt on COVID Relief Bil
  198. Has anybody actually tried to go INSIDE a bank building lately...?
  199. Depression and Suicide....
  200. How spoiled is a society that during a crisis show's one of the hoarded items
  201. The coronavirus crisis shows it's time to abolish the family
  202. The most eye catching thing about our epidemiology and government "protection"
  203. Leftists have HATE down to an art form...
  204. Pull Your Pants Up or Don't Come In!!!
  205. Inmate Released Due To COVID-19 Fears Arrested For Murder
  206. It's over in China because the Chinese do as they are told.
  207. Case of the Green Widow.....
  208. 1 in 4 women are on crazy meds
  209. Hong Kong Chinese topple new 5G masts after it is switched on
  210. Africa's Culture...
  211. Is it time for Big Cities to reinvent themselves to protect us all?
  212. Burning 5G towers in the UK
  213. COVID-19 outbreak in Libya could be 'catastrophic' for migrants
  214. Philadelphia’s Only Surging Industry
  215. Expert exposes China’s ‘horrific’ organ harvesting on living victims
  216. Pandas Use Lockdown Privacy to Mate
  217. The Endgame of Birx & Fauci | Guest: Alex Berenson | 4/7/20
  218. Guess the Leftists....
  219. Choices to make as a society
  220. Some Disregard Constitution: Businesses & Worship "Nonessential".
  221. Is women's empowerment mostly empowerment to take adverse action against men?
  222. Sued for posting pics of she and her son
  223. The New York Rag is
  224. Herd Immunity / Covid
  225. When Prophecy Fails
  226. This is the Daily Beast so it might not hold up to scrutiny but
  227. Maybe The Cat Is Being Skinned Differently
  228. Spanking the feminists....Pelosi's "courage".....Flying Frenchman.....
  229. At least somebody in this country has some balls!
  230. The resistance grows stronger
  231. Land O Lakes racist picture
  232. Twenty percent of COVOD Deaths
  233. SO...When the Dust Settles...and So Many of Us are Jobless...
  234. Ethel Kennedy love che guevera
  235. This is...
  236. What COVID-19 has taught us.....
  237. What COVID-19 has taught us.....
  238. Dr Andrew Kaufman Rejecting CoronaVirus
  239. White People did that
  240. The Tale of Donald Trump and the Picket Fence
  241. The justice system is color biased
  242. I ventured out into the brave new world today
  243. A l i e n
  244. HS girl tries to apologize after deeply racist video made with boyfriend goes viral.
  245. The Topsy-Turvy World of Muslim History
  246. Flu Perspective
  247. SEARCHING For A Job !?!
  248. Is "stay in car" a good compromise to "stay at home"?
  249. Harvard Professor wants to Ban Homeschooling..it's Authoritarian
  250. Greatest loss of Liberty since the Revolutionary war won our liberty