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  1. Random Thoughts about Film
  2. Random Thoughts on Hollywood and its Slebs
  3. Random thoughts about Commercials
  4. Hollywood Grades for Gays in Motion Pictures
  5. You know how PoundMeToo-ish Hollywood is...and civic minded
  6. Lol @ Cher
  7. Actor Jeff Daniels, presidential scholar says.....
  8. John Cusack's usual assholieness
  9. Anne Hathaway: White men/women to blame for future black deaths
  10. Wow "Holly-Wied" a new "Section"
  11. The Usual Leftist Cannes Lunacy
  12. Lol @ ...
  13. Hollywood Writers Are Cranking Out Scripts Portraying Conservatives As Monsters
  14. Lena Dunham Poses Nude to Encourage People to Love Themselves More
  15. What`s happening 2019 at Epstein Island
  16. Psychiatric case
  17. Actor Jeffrey Wright: When We Get The Power, Everybody Else F**king Duck
  18. Rockstars were pedophiles
  19. Spike Lee calls for Hollywood to ‘shut it down’ in Georgia
  20. Plastic surgeries ? Or it`s make up LOL
  21. Leftists claim they have won the culture war
  22. Poll: Most voters say celebrity political endorsements don't matter
  23. Celebrities are still losing it over the Mueller report LOL
  24. Does this Ad Make you want a Drink or....
  25. That didn't age well #13: Trump curse in hollywood
  26. Two Defendants in College Admissions Case Plead Guilty
  27. Jon Voight deals gently with vicious little punkette Alyssa Milano
  28. Ricky Gervais Calls Out Milkshake-Throwing Leftists
  29. Taylor Swift Paints Scooter Braun as Manipulative Bully as Big Machine Sells Her Cata
  30. Hollywood's New Obsession
  31. Lizzy McGuire Actress Graduates Basic Training
  32. Miley Cyrus has decided not to have kids....because Climate change
  33. Vile lesbian O'donnell says Trump doing 'bad things' with Ivanka
  34. Hollywood vs Trump | Best Celebrity FREAK OUTS!!
  35. Dora the Explorer live action movie
  36. How does this ad for vegan burgers strike you
  37. Michael Moore throws a fit over Mueller
  38. Question for any comic book geeks Around. (Shazam)
  39. Kathy Griffin Unemployable - Blames Trump
  40. Roseanna Arquette - Washed Up Liberal
  41. Actor Danny Trejo Rescues Baby Trapped in Overturned Car
  42. Tommy Lee's message to Trump supporters
  43. Hollywood's version of El Alamein?
  44. For The O'Bismals: There's No Biz Like Show Biz...
  45. Richard Gere runs his big mouth in Italy
  46. Sarah Silverman..... blackface bites
  47. Comment about miley cyrus
  48. Michonne is gone
  49. Alyssa Milano's life has great joy after her two abortions
  50. Tyra Banks: America's Next Top Tranny
  51. removed
  52. If you like movies about dogs
  53. Famine & Drought for Hollyweird
  54. Will and Grace characters want Trump Bev HIlls Supporters doxed
  55. Alyssa Milano wants to know about that God Given right
  56. Where are all of these hot lesbians hiding?
  57. Saint Nono Campi
  58. Watched Black Panther on Netflix. WTF?
  59. Was Dr Huxtable a sexual predator?
  60. "Make America White Again" and Zombies
  61. Is George Clooney really who he appears to be?
  62. That didn't age well #27: Trump curse in hollywood part 2
  63. Trying to find the name of a movie
  64. Robert De Niro: Trump Is ‘Crazy’ — ‘F-ck’ Fox News
  65. Lib reporter tries to 'out' Robert Downey Jr
  66. GAME OVER: Celebrity 'Impeachment Task Force' Is Formed to Hold POTUS 'Accountable fo
  67. The Connors: 12 yo character comes out as homosexual
  68. Who has kept tabs on hollywood actress Maitland Ward
  69. BAFTA introduces Diversity Requirements For Awards (HONK!)
  70. Sony Pictures will redefine Fairy Godmother
  71. Weinstein turns up at Event For Young Actors!
  72. Foxy Bombshell!
  73. Did anyone ever meet a person from Hollywood before?
  74. Armenian gang extortion attempt led to gunfire at North Hollywood market
  75. I'm so done with Mickey Rourke
  76. Trump Jr Triggers "The View" Hags
  77. Midway Movie and Insult to WWII Vets?
  78. The Latest in Hollywood Fashion, Oh my...
  79. Homeless Man Throws Bucket of Hot Diarrhea on Woman’s Face
  80. Gay activist group glaad is now demanding that 20% of all television characters
  81. Ex-Cirque du Soleil Guy Laliberté accused of drug trafficking in French Polynesia
  82. Actor Robert Davi UNLOADS on ‘seditious’ Dems in Congress: ‘I spit on you! American p
  83. Charlie's Angels Aren't Da Bomb But They Did Bomb.
  84. Chuck Woolery: Supporting Trump 'pretty much destroyed my career'
  85. She's a time traveler!
  86. Even Mr. Rogers looked at with TDS
  87. PC Messaging in New Star Wars
  88. Arnold Swarzennegers son is his spit image.
  89. Mystery Death in Beverly Hills
  90. Robert Redford: It’s Time for Trump’s ‘Dictator-Like’ Presidency to End
  91. De Niro, high school dropout weighs in
  92. Mark Hamill another TDS Leftist Jerk
  93. More Brand new @iamrapaport podcast
  94. Will Kid Rock be Culture Cancelled?
  95. Mel Gibson says Hollywood drenched in the blood of innocent children
  96. Star Trek is dead.
  97. Barbra Streisand Reveals 6 Reasons Why Trump Must Be Impeached
  98. Alyssa Milano taling stupid again
  99. Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose
  100. Kurt Cobain voicemail to Victoria Clarke 1992 {Pitch Corrected and Background Noise
  101. The castle on sunset
  102. Update: Hallmark caves to LGBT activists, reverses decision.
  103. Dirty Dozen remake.
  104. Not again!
  105. Real hypocrites of hollywood: Robert de niro edition
  106. Rob Reiner at Impeachment Rally: We Will Make Sure Trump Is Removed from Office
  107. Michelle Wolf says killing her Unborn made her feel 'Powerful' Like 'God'
  108. De Niro: Trump Needs to Be Humiliated, ‘I’d Like to See a Bag of Sh*t Right in His
  109. The most corrupt family movie lol
  110. A Christmas Carol a Christmas Travesty
  111. Michael Moore: White Guys Who Voted For Trump ‘Are Not Good People’ —
  112. Celebrity Freakouts in the Era of Trump
  113. Linda Ronstadt: Trump Is ‘Like Hitler and the Mexicans Are the New Jews’
  114. Watching Teh Messiah on NETFLIX
  115. Gervais gives hollywood slebs a tongue lashing
  116. Is there some who love Trump in Celebs
  117. Meatloaf Takes on gretard turdsperg. Media Attacks!
  118. Terry Gilliam 'tired’ of white men being 'blamed for everything'
  119. My two main problems with Amazon's production of "Jack Ryan" Season 2
  120. Patrick Stewart: America Under Trump Is F**ked, UK Is ‘Completely F**ked’
  121. Media attacks Gervais over anti-Hollywood jokes
  122. And as ex-serviceman?
  123. Courtney ...........
  124. Holy Kielbasa Batman !
  125. Rebel Wilson shows off her slimmed down figure after incredible weight loss
  126. Steve McQueen’s long-lost ‘Bullitt’ Ford Mustang sold at auction
  127. Golden Globes 2016 - Ricky Gervais Best Parts Funny
  128. Batman Network Tried to Make Robin Actor Burt Ward Take Penis Shrinking Pills
  129. Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop is selling a vagina-scented candle, and it's already sold out
  130. Bill Maher Massages his Woke TDS Credentials
  131. 911 Lone Star
  132. Hollyweird Impeachamania. Here we go
  133. Kathy Griffin Complains That She’s Still Having to “Beg” For Work
  134. How Hollywood-style propaganda can wreck a country
  135. Is Tom Hanks a Pedo?
  136. Joy Villa Shocks in Pro-Trump "Impeached and Re-elected" Gown at the Grammys
  137. They had so much interest in *Weinstein* to their own carreer
  138. Bill Maher Not Happy with Crazy Liz Warren
  139. Racism in the entertainment industry?
  140. Oscars 2020: Joaquin Phoenix gives lengthy, emotional best actor acceptance speech ab
  141. Beitbart discussed Hollywood politics back in 2008-09.
  142. The Hunt is on: Film about liberal elites hunting conservatives is uncanceled
  143. Sony wants to introduce a bisexual Spider-Man with a boyfriend in an upcoming movie
  144. Honest Trailers - Star Trek Into Darkness
  145. POW’s are Liars – Jane Fonda
  146. Mikaela Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s daughter, comes out as porn star
  147. Hollywood's ties to satanism
  148. TWD Sex Scene with Alpha & Negan
  149. Kurt Russel is a Patriot
  150. Patricia Arquette calls for Economic Shutdown on March 2, 2020
  151. WOW...is this PART DEUX of Trump Derangement Syndrome
  152. Actresses walk out after Roman Polanski wins award at 'French Oscars'
  153. 10 Unforgettable Courtney Love Moments
  154. Jon Voight Predicts Trump & Almighty God Will Make America Great Once Again
  155. Actor Suggests Mike Pence Wants a Coronavirus Cure ‘That Will Only Help White People’
  156. The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde reacts to Trump honoring Rush Limbaugh,
  157. Antonio Sabato Jr. says supporting Trump ended his career in Hollywood
  158. Spike Lee Compares Black Trump Supporters to House Slaves
  159. Whoopi Goldberg Floats Barack Obama for Biden’s VP Pick
  160. Whoopi gets wake-up call over thought of ‘Doctor’ Jill Biden for Surgeon General
  161. James Woods: ‘Founding Fathers Wrote the Second Amendment for Violent Haters
  162. Clint Eastwood's Favorite Past Time...
  163. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies
  164. Can Speilberg be trusted?
  165. Jane Fonda honored on International Women's Day
  166. Quaritch Will return to be in all 4 new Avatar films
  167. WineStain May Have Been Injured While Held on Rikers Island
  168. Bette Midler criticizes Trump quarantine of covid19 cases.
  169. Trump foes Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Cohen to pen tell-all book
  170. Pete Buttigieg will guest-host 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Thursday
  171. Did Charlie Sheen Rape Corey Haim?
  172. Anthony Mackie on Why Hollywood Movies Suck
  173. Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.
  174. Cher: Trump Must Be Forced to Step Down He’ll End Up Killing Thousands of Americans
  175. James Woods @RealJamesWoods · 1h When #Democrats run things AND hoard all the toilet
  176. Leno backing 'decent man' Biden
  177. Sheryl Crow and 'One Square of Toilet Paper'
  178. Disney Cashes In on COVID-19
  179. Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus
  180. George Takei to Twitter: Report Trump for ‘Stoking Racism’ over Coronavirus
  181. Jon Voight - This Nation Is Under God (17MAR2020)
  182. Larry the Cable Guy Blasts Celebs Singing 'Imagine' While Americans May Lose Everythi
  183. Celebs and their sickness...
  184. Cher Declares President Trump ‘a Murderer’
  185. The Real COVID Hollywood Crisis
  186. Coronavirus is 'the great equalizer,' Madonna tells fans from her bathtub
  187. AWK video......Hollywood is freaking out
  188. Actor Michael Rapaport Calls Melania Trump a ‘Dumb FKC’ and a ‘Dumb Animal’
  189. Little Fires Everywhere, debutted last wednesday
  190. Cher: Trump Thinks My Mom and I Should Be ‘Sacrificed’ for His Economy
  191. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Back in the U.S. After Being Quarantined With Coronavirus
  192. Why do Hollyshit white females adopt blk
  193. Trump-haters Harry and Meghan want U.S. taxpayer-funded Secret Service security
  194. Stuck in the Friends generation?
  195. Bette Midler: Trump’s ‘Overwhelming Jealousy of Barack Obama Will Kill Us All’
  196. John Cusack calls for another Trump impeachment, worker strikes amid the coronavirus
  197. Alec Baldwin: Trump the Real Virus
  198. Disney’s higher-ups reportedly complain about salary cuts, push back over terms
  199. yeah...this is what they think of you
  200. Dennis Quaid did not toe the media line
  201. Fools on display with words of hope
  202. Leftist Michael Moore Says ‘White Men Have A Big Responsibility
  203. Alec Baldwin to Trump Supporters: ‘Don’t Bother Voting. Stay Home’
  204. Don Knotts' daughter had to leave room while father on death bed to laugh
  205. Conan O'Brien Mocks Jesus and Trump in Unfunny Easter Joke, James Woods Fires Back
  206. Oprah Warns Coronavirus Is ‘Taking Out’ Black Americans
  207. Most outrageous game show moments
  208. 'Gay dads' appear on Disney's kids' cartoon 'DuckTales'; producer says 'relevant LGB
  209. The best representation of leftist brain washing comes out of Brazil...
  210. The Real Reason Amber Heard Could End Up Behind Bars
  211. Walking Dead World Beyond Feminism?
  212. First Ladies and Celebrities raise funds for a failed organization
  213. Patton Oswalt Gets Roasted After Comparing Lockdown Protesters to Anne Frank
  214. Singer Richard Marx: ‘At This Point, I’d Rather Have Jeffrey Dahmer over Donald Trump
  215. Ellen Barkin....and boy is that last name appropriate
  216. Disney heir goes on tirade against company execs for $1.5 billion bonuses
  217. Hollywood retards
  218. Thank you Celebrities :smiley20:
  219. Rob Reiner: ‘I Call on Bush, Obama…to Stop This Insanity and Save Human Life’
  220. Bill Gates lied about connections to Epstein
  221. Howard Stern doubles down on urging Trump fanatics to drink Clorox
  222. Jane Fonda Demands Coronavirus Recovery Money Be Used to Fight Climate Change
  223. PERVYWOOD: Those Who Yell The Loudest---bunch of idiots
  224. Isaac Kappy: His Final Message To The World (Full/Unedited)
  225. Stars that actually stink
  226. Vietnam movie
  227. James Woods hits back at 'morbidly corrupt' Nancy Pelosi after negative comment about
  228. Disney-Epstein Island Connection
  229. ‘I SURE DID’: Kathy Griffin Defends Advocating To Stab Trump With Syringe
  230. They all are connected
  231. Actress Frances Fisher: ‘They Want a Race War. We’ll Give Them a Race War’
  232. Taylor Swift Accuses Trump of ‘Stoking Fires of Racism,’ Vows ‘We Will Vote You Out’
  233. Steve Carell, Janelle Monáe & More Stars Help Pay for Minnesota Protestors' Bail
  234. John Cusack: I Hope Riots Last ‘Till Trump Flys Away In a F**king Helicopter’
  235. Chrissy Teigen offers to bail out arrested protesters by pledging $200,000
  236. Debra Messing faces backlash over photoshopped image linking Trump to Hitler
  237. Comedian Compares Antifa to WWII Soldiers
  238. John Legend, Natalie Portman Other Celebs Sign Letter to Defund Police
  239. More Spoiled Celebrity BLM Stupid!
  240. Caitlyn Jenner wants to be new mom with 22-y-o "Girlfriend"
  241. Snoop Dogg addresses Trump supporters: 'F--k you'
  242. Country group Lady Antebellum gives in to P.C., changes their name
  243. Natalie Portman talks about her white privilege; supports defunding police
  244. Barbra Streisand Supports Biden in Trump Attack
  245. Dave Chappelle addresses George Floyd's death, rips Don Lemon in surprise Netflix
  246. Oscars: Film Academy Announces New Plans to Increase Diversity, Expands Best Picture
  247. Mark Wahlberg Destroys Every Trump Hating Celebrity
  248. George Takei: ‘When You Defend So-Called Biological Sex, You Sound Scientifically
  249. Tom Arnold: Calls for Armed Insurrection against Trump Supporters
  250. Chelsea Handler praises Louis Farrakhan for his 'powerful' rhetoric on race