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  1. Question about UK Healthcare System to UK members of TPF
  2. Nigel Farage introduces the wag tax
  3. XXXmas redacted: Artist removes giant ‘sex toy’ Christmas tree in Paris
  4. UK evicts Moderate Muslims
  5. Zombie Attack in London
  6. Questions on UK Politics
  7. The King is Dead, Long Live the King
  8. Ukip election policies:
  9. migrant voters
  10. This day in British History
  11. British Muslims protest in London against Charlie Hebdo cartoons
  12. UK Legal Academic Claims It’s ‘Unfair’ To Prohibit Convicted Pedophiles From Adopting
  13. Work for Benefits in UK? Horrors!
  14. RBS pay £421 million in bonuses on £3.5 bn losses
  15. Average income back to pre-crisis levels
  16. Nigel Farage would axe 'much of' race discrimination law
  17. Nigel Farage highlights HS2 on visit to Aylesbury
  18. David Cameron twice refuses to rule out Ukip coalition
  19. For Brits its Mother's Day in a few hours...don't forget to buy something nice.
  20. will 2015 be tougher for you and your money?
  21. Guide to the dark side
  22. Americans cannot pronounce English words
  23. The Darling Bigots of May
  24. An American tribute to British drivers
  25. obamadministration indicates our special relationship with UK is over
  26. My aboriginal ancestors
  27. The only black face is on the page about overseas aid
  28. UK Welfare State
  29. Risqué advertisement banned, but not for the reason you might think
  30. Proportional Representation
  31. Royals Have Baby Girl
  32. UKIP leader Farage fails to get elected
  33. The Limey Elections
  34. Ode to Joy – ‘Attagirl’
  35. Prince Charles celebrates Concervative win!
  36. This just in, lads and lasses : PRIORITIES
  37. The Hobbit Vacation Resort in the UK
  38. Young people will be paying a mortgage till they are 70
  39. The British sense of fair play
  40. Interesting conversation with a cabbie
  41. Muslim Immigrants Beat A 13 Year Old Boy In Paris
  42. UK gets fooled by Middle East Eye
  43. "The wogs have got all of the houses"
  44. Police ‘Covered Up’ Serial Killer Who Killed 18 People On London Underground
  45. Mass grave found under Crossrail station
  46. Interested in Political Simulation?
  47. British Theatre Renames Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Because Dwarf Is 2 Offensive
  48. Anybody here that understands UK politics?
  49. Three men arrested in Connor Smith murder investigation
  50. PEGIDA: German acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West”
  51. Unite the Union
  52. City of London Corporation
  53. Scotland - My political defence against "criminal tweets" charge - Tyranny in action
  54. UK surveillance laws will keep citizens' internet history on file for 12 months
  55. Are your eyes focused on the Love-birds?
  56. 6000 fighting men to be settled in town of 150
  57. Green Isn't Working
  58. British Expeditionary Force 1940
  59. video: Muslim migrant in Sweden sent to Denmark
  60. BBC's Definition of a Progressive
  61. UK's slow and expected death of a culture
  62. Muslim Terrorists Are Running Whole Prison Blocks Under Sharia Law
  63. Woman Gang Raped By Suspected Muslims While Going to KFC At 4PM
  64. Bad Times for Cameron
  65. Failed asylum seeker, 17, who sexually assaulted two women and walked away laughing
  66. Poll of Muslims in the UK
  67. England faces shortfall of 10,000 primary school places
  68. Kicked out of school for defending Traditional marriage
  69. 'Best Days Ahead' After Brexit, Gove Says
  70. Shocking report claims that Imams are ‘preaching hate’ in jails
  71. Council 'Proud' Of Asking Kids To Choose Gender
  72. We DO meddle too much, says EU boss
  73. Marine Le Pen could campaign for UK to leave EU
  74. Brussels laws a ‘threat’ as we CAN’T strengthen our borders while in EU
  75. British Prime Minister orders his advisers to reach out to TRUMP
  76. Theresa May insists Britain DOES have control of its borders
  77. Labour party prints leaflets in Polish in desperate attempt at getting votes
  78. Mooslim Mayor
  79. WAR: David Cameron Claims Brexit Could Lead To World War Three
  80. Official UK EU Referendum Thread
  81. Britain's Prime Minister Calls Trump “stupid, divisive, and wrong”
  82. British Prisons Full of Immigrants
  83. Leftists Exposed on BBC
  84. Proof That The UK Has Lost Its Marbles
  85. Naked Man Attempts Suicide By Jumping Into Lion's Den
  86. England Pushes Back
  87. Labour MP Receives Rape Threats on Twitter
  88. Breaking: Brexit called a win !!!
  89. The Wrath of Khan Quietly Begins
  90. Islam in the U.K.
  91. EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible
  92. I'm praying for you, U.K!!
  93. Remainers Protest Ahahahaha!
  94. Eerie resemblance
  95. Divoring a Saudi: I need 262 million
  96. British woman harassed by muslims for wearing regular clothes
  97. Michael Savage is Banned from the UK but this Imam Can Talk Hate
  98. faction of those on the Left support British withdrawl from EU
  99. Black lives come to town - all five of them.
  100. Black lives come to town - all five of them.
  101. London - England----Khan is a very popular name of shit
  102. London Mayor takes second stab at free speech
  103. Islamic school in UK teaches Europe is the land of Evil
  104. New Muslim mayor of London
  105. Here is a very rich person having a tantrum
  106. The Horrors of Female Genital Mutilation have come to the UK and Ireland
  107. Hopkins calls CNN the Clinton News Network, anchor loses it
  108. Clamping down on free speech on social media
  109. The uk is about to wield unprecedented surveillance powers
  110. suicide by multiple stab wounds
  111. Supreme Court Brexit case: 'No need' for MPs to get final say
  112. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom - in Breach of it's own Constitution
  113. England is bizarro world
  114. Choudary’s ‘Muslim Enforcer’ Jailed for Attacking Non-Muslim Teenage Couple
  115. Critics of Islam on trial in Europe: Wilders convicted
  116. Should the public be given further say, or should we trust our government?
  117. Muslim claims he was framed by police services after refusing to become an informer
  118. UK muslims keep marrying cousins, despite genetic consequences
  119. - Perverting the Course of Justice (as alleged) in your name -
  120. Brits Drop Weekend Changing of Guard Ceremonies For Fear of Terrorism
  121. Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Court as Muslim Sex Gang Sentenced for Child Rape
  122. Jane Collins libel case: Three Labour Rotherham MPs awarded £54,000
  123. The Queen celebrates her sapphire jubilee
  124. Stay away from parliament, Bercow tells ‘sexist, racist’ Trump
  125. Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson dies of a brain tumour at 45
  126. The Lunatic has Escaped !!
  127. Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership challenge
  128. Cressida Dick appointed as first female Met Police chief
  129. British Humour...Ouch!
  130. Sir Cliff Richard legal action against BBC in High Court set to begin
  131. The Bible Is 'Abusive': British Court Convicts Preachers
  132. Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon to seek second referendum
  133. UK Dialects. How Do You Do On The Test?
  134. Martin McGuinness, Sinn Féin, dies aged 66
  135. UK Parliament shooting, knife attack, running people down with cars * BREAKING
  136. Cadbury Drops The Word 'Easter' From Many Of Their Products.
  137. 423 New Mosques & 100 Sharia Law Courts in London
  138. Nigel Firage Schools the EU Parliament
  139. Threat to Britain? More than 17,000 terror suspects monitored in France in ONE MONTH
  140. United Kingdom: PM Calls for General Election on 8 June
  141. Theresa May will not take part in TV debates
  142. Jessica Ennis-Hill receives damehood at Buckingham Palace
  143. Annual MOT test
  144. North Yorkshire Police gains first dashcam submission prosecution
  145. Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements
  146. How the uk mess is worsening
  147. England....
  148. Belas Knap
  149. Offfas Dyke.
  150. Wat Tyler
  151. UK: Schools told to change class times, exam times and sports days because of Ramadan
  152. Manchester attack: Salman Abedi named as bomber by police
  153. Ariana Grande to play Manchester benefit concert on Sunday
  154. Queen Elizabeth Driving Her Security Guard Home
  155. The upcoming UK election
  156. LONDON TERROR ATTACK: It appears muslims are driving on the sidewalk again
  157. Trump Calls Out Sadiq Khan for WEAK Response to Islamic Terror
  158. London’s Muslim Mayor is More Angry at Trump Than Terrorists
  159. London Mayor ---> Sadiq Khan’s Close Ties to Al-Qaeda and ISIS Exposed
  160. Khan Declares London “One of the Safest Cities in the World” Day After Terror Attack
  161. UK cops were warned two years ago about London jihad suspect
  162. Eyewitness says London jihads screamed “This is for Allah” as they stabbed woman
  163. SAS Big Phil Campion, We need to act now
  164. UK releases arrested terrorists from latest attack
  165. Piers Morgan Grills Sadiq Khan Over Jihadists in London..
  166. Noel Edmonds' lawyers label Lloyds bank fraud payout scheme a 'sham'
  167. How many Muslims hold seats of office in London, England: And why?
  168. After elections we have a hung parliament.
  169. British banned guns in 1997
  170. Forced to eat her own feces and beaten to death by family
  171. anti-muslim action on the rise
  172. 40 muslim terrorist get to stay in the UK
  173. Brits with guns
  174. Muslim patrol in london – this has gone too far!
  175. Guns smuggled into the UK
  176. ISIS bride/recruiter wants to return to England
  177. UK report: Saudis funding “extremism,” May accused of coverup, “kowtowing” to Saudis
  178. Based on the evidence so far, hasn't the U.K. already lost to Jihad?
  179. Wimbledon 2017
  180. The truth about hate speech laws
  181. On Aug. 31, 1997, Britain's Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris at age 36.
  182. BREXIT News review – Friday 28 July 2017
  183. UK cops to carry guns?
  184. Prince Philip carries out final official engagement
  185. A Brit speaks GUNS . . .
  186. Philip A. Luty
  187. Putney Bridge jogger arrested
  188. Modern slavery and trafficking 'in every UK town and city'
  189. Bank of England misquotes Jane Austen on new £10 note
  190. Britains debt mountain hits 2 Trillion.
  191. Europeans leaving U.K. In the thousands
  192. Jihadi Britain
  193. Norwich Castle
  194. Fancy living in England?
  195. Uk upgrades to Samsung phones
  196. Girlguiding UK Allows ‘Transgender’ Guides to Share Showers, Tents with Girls
  197. UK gun surrender event
  198. Max Clifford dies in hospital
  199. True cost of leaving the EU
  200. This is getting serious.
  201. Benefits Too Fat to Work?
  202. BBC curious why gun sales spike for Christmas
  203. muslim rape gangs in the UK
  204. Antigun cops and media at it again
  205. islamic Immigrant Planned to Poison Britons’ Food
  206. The Muslim Take Over Of The UK.
  207. pound hits $1.40 for first time since Brexit
  208. I didn`t know there will be a black and white wedding!
  209. The European Union Explained
  210. Meet the woman who takes her taxidermy baby fox everywhere she goes Read more: http
  211. Female genital mutilation should be allowed by law
  212. Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn accused of being Commie Stooge
  213. A Fowl Crisis in England
  214. London sees 20% rise in rape reports in a year
  215. Rotherham Muslim rape gang activity so vast, cops need 100 more officers
  216. “Islamist” and “far right” “extremists” should have their children taken away
  217. Why are UK authorities ignoring honour killings?
  218. Dangerous 'gun' Confiscated at London Airport
  219. Tiny Irish town forced to take in migrants
  220. Look how many threads relate to mooslum-dom in England . . .
  221. Top of the top stupid === The Queen etc..libtards
  222. Why we voted with our feet
  223. UK arrests American woman for planning to give speech
  224. Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed
  225. Teacher raised army of jihad children
  226. UK celebrities who loves muslims/migrants lol
  227. Meagan Marrkle crapped on in Brit media
  228. Depression hahahahahah
  229. Stupid Butt-Hurt Millennials
  230. UK Judgements that are MVV - Malicious Vile and Vindictive
  231. Social media is behind soaring rate of UK knife crime: 13 Londoners were killed
  232. 78-year old pensioner under arrest in London after killing armed intruder in own home
  233. 2 muslim men bust into convent, threaten nuns
  234. London's mooslum Mayor Blames "Budget Cuts" On Soaring Nurder Rates
  235. BLOODY SPREE London stabbing rate increases as SIXTH teen stabbed in London in 90 min
  236. Sadiq Khan is a Complete Idiot
  237. Hugh Fitzgerald: A French poet’s tribute to the Jewish woman murdered by a Muslim
  238. Top doctor: Ban deadly blades from our kitchens
  239. LONDON: Gun Control Didn’t Work, Now Anti-Trump Mayor Tries ‘KNIFE CONTROL’
  240. London Mayor urges 'targeted' stop and search
  241. In Response To Growing Number Of Fistfights, London Mayor Bans Hands
  242. London: violent crime wave gripping the capital shows no signs of slowing down.
  243. The Truth About Broken Britain
  244. Immigrant Violent Knife Crime Predicted- Enoch Powell's Rivers Of Blood Speech
  245. Britain -- The Good Old Days
  246. Citizen assist in capture of knife guy (video)
  247. muslim machete riot
  248. Sadiq Khan is a Complete Idiot
  249. Royal baby: Duke and duchess show off new son
  250. UK NHS judge sentences 2yo Alfie Evans to death