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  1. American Thinker: Is this the proper American Muslim response to jihad in America?
  2. Obama's Circle of Appeasers
  3. I Ache for a President Who Loves America
  4. Cat on a Hot Stove
  5. The ObamaCare Black Hole
  6. Barack Obama’s Stone-Cold Lies–RUSH LIMBAUGH…
  7. No Pleasing GOP Critics
  8. Oliver Stone: The myth of American exceptionalism
  9. The BEST obamacare ad EVER
  10. Obamacare will cause millions to lose healthcare - nightmare bill
  11. Forced Welfare or Fines!
  12. Responding to hate with love
  13. I'm not some high brow intellectual but....
  14. Pat Buchanan at 75: Now, More Than Ever, Entitled To Say "I Told You So!"
  15. The American Empire: The need for Imperialism to secure the wellbeing of our citizens
  16. World Government..?
  17. The Obama Legacy
  18. Torture or freedom..?
  19. A Moral Framework For Same Sex Unions?
  20. What has been going on the past few weeks?
  21. Why CBS must come clean about Benghazi report
  22. The Country’s Embarrassing
  23. obama President for Life
  24. Obamacare Site Will Fail Again.
  25. Dems following Obama over the cliff
  26. An outbreak of lawlessness (The Obama Admin & Democrats)
  27. Shopping
  28. An Interesting Program The Kelley File.
  29. I have Noticed
  30. ProPublica Reports: New-And-Improved Healthcare.gov Has Same Old Problems
  31. Did You See This Yesterday?
  32. Ballerinas Kicked Out
  33. 'The Hunger Games' Is a Civics Lesson
  34. Common Ground: A cure for health reform?
  35. Fox News Reports
  36. The Misery of the Liberal Mindset
  37. The Dying GOP
  38. The Three Wise Guys!
  39. My View: The Propaganda War
  40. Obamacare & EMS Update
  41. Obama, The Visionary Mouse that Roared
  42. Am I wrong? If so; Why?
  43. How the West was lost by the selfie president
  44. The Senate is Voting Now
  45. Is President Obama 'too big to jail?'
  46. MBA Salary Outlook: Pay Stays Flat in 2014... Cry me a river!
  47. You Are not -- YET -- required to . . . .
  48. Feminist Notes that Progressives are Destroying the West
  49. Liberals Are jUst Big Assholes.
  50. Why America Fails At Leadership
  51. The Promotion of Freedom of Speech in Internet Forums Systems
  52. GOP Responsible for Losses
  53. Question for the Ages..
  54. The White Ghetto
  55. Respect for the Flag
  56. Obama bad for race relations.
  57. No Treason
  58. Single Payer healthcare?
  59. Happy Heebe Weebe Day
  60. Where were you when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded?
  61. My final post
  62. Is Barack Obama an imperial president?
  63. Cultural Differences
  64. Where you when JFK was shot?
  65. interesting piece about Fox News
  66. Harvard B-school dean offers unusual apology
  67. 4 methods of survival..
  68. 'That's one small step for man.. one giant leap backward for mankind'
  69. Why is Obama changing tack?
  70. Environmentally Friendly? You Betcha, Ask the Birds
  71. The War AGAINST the Masses: The Elitist Roots of Liberalism
  72. Is Obama Accelerating The Collapse Of America?
  73. This is great!!!
  74. The Consensus Of Dunces
  75. Is Conservatism To Be Futile Emotion or Focused Reason? Knowing When to Fight
  76. C'mon Summer...
  77. Thoughts about this?
  78. Wanted: Left-Wing Peace Activist Human Shields to protect Ukraine from Russian
  79. Outsourcing
  80. Abraham Lincoln: Titan for the Ages
  81. Healthcare for all
  82. Foregoing health ins as an act of defiance
  83. The Destroyer Cometh--(A dumbed-down Democratic party runs out of ideas.)
  84. New Progressive Media Meme: Obama's Inaction Makes Him Strong
  85. Land of the free Home of the brave
  86. Reset to Nowhere
  87. Reset to Nowhere/another ObamaFAIL
  88. Why He Keeps On - and Why it's Futile
  89. The Mainstream Media: Devolution Via Liberalism
  90. Blurred Lines..
  91. Obama has been a big huge disappointment
  92. Is this a fair assessment?
  93. How Jimmy Carter Saved Beer
  94. Would you like to see the most perfect example of liberal jounalism ever?
  95. Is "third hand smoke" junk science?
  96. Your 2016 Candidate?
  97. Nasa
  98. Is Putin Developing an American Conservative Fan Base?
  99. The fundamental problem with America's retreat
  100. Race & Region. Artificial Loyalty, National Division
  101. Annnnnd the BS continues.....
  102. LGBT. Catch basket for all forms of sexual deviancy.
  103. NYT: The Rise of Anti-Capitalism
  104. The Warfare State Rules the US
  105. Too Busy to be President
  106. Conservatives Should Support the Police Force
  107. Mitt Romney: The Price of Failed Leadership
  108. Police "haters" .......continued.
  109. When I was a child
  110. Russian revanchism and energy
  111. What happens if Putin pushes into a NATO country?
  112. Lets have some fun
  113. Why Russia yearns for empire
  114. Stopping Putin: The Military Option
  115. What Makes a Leader
  116. Climate Change BULLIES are working together
  117. ACA: Shut up, I won
  118. The Absurdity of Mass Transit
  119. What does the word OP-ED mean?
  120. Is God On Russia's and Putin's Side Now and Against America and the Western Nations?
  121. Conservative vs progressive vs libertarian; and key items of distinction.
  122. Are there spiritual principles at work here?
  123. Myth-Making Aside, Eugenics Was a Mostly Progressive Enterprise
  124. What Anarchy Will Really Look Like: Freemen On the Land
  125. Stinkburger
  126. Lessons of a Political Forum Admin: Real Life and Variables
  127. Top 10 Reasons Libertarians Aren’t Nice To You
  128. “Not Even a Smidgen of Corruption,” Barack?
  129. Too Many Whites in Late Night
  130. Too many whites in college
  131. Glenn Miller Claims He Was an FBI Informant
  132. Declaration of Intolerable Acts updated
  133. One Year Ago, Media Rushed to Blame Boston Bombings on "The Extreme Right Wing"
  134. Wilson and Obama - 100 years apart, but so alike
  135. Left Wing Hero Al Sharpton and " Sniitch-gate "......
  136. You're about to be lied to when they say-
  137. Krauthammer: Zealots Use Full Campaign Disclosure To Harass Foes
  138. Pot Smokers are Abby Normal!
  139. John Fund on recent Democratic rhetoric
  140. ALL tobacco users are stupid
  141. The hypocrisy of progressives and the nanny state
  142. CNN Is Obviously Not In the Journalism Business Any Longer
  143. Obama's Staggering Record of Failure
  144. ACA Here to Stay? Only if WE let 'em
  145. Here's An Idea: Leave Me The Hell Alone
  146. An Urgent Plea To the Anarcho-Libertarians
  147. What does conservative mean?
  148. The abject failure of Obamanomics.
  149. The sanctions against Russia are designed to fail
  150. I for one am glad the Asshole died slowly...
  151. It won't be long now....
  152. Democracy Alliance of super rich, poor Valerie Jarret
  153. Checking My Privilege
  154. Cliven Bundy and Media Magic
  155. Ukraine crisis: Western world reduced to role of spectator
  156. The Regime’s Recovery Con
  157. Podesta Claims Congress Can't Stop Obama From Acting Out On Global Warming Hoax
  158. Billionaires try to convince Americans it's good to import foreign workers
  159. Fight American racism
  160. What do you owe "the community"?
  161. How Sick is the Left? This Sick.
  162. Intolerance and why I am here
  163. Pounding the drums on the IRS scandal can only benefit the GOP.....
  164. Who Are The Neocons
  165. We The People Site A Joke
  166. The Top 7 #LibLies About Benghazi
  167. A Profound revelation in thought
  168. Death for GW deniers
  169. Obama, the unaccountable president
  170. Legalizing drugs and taxing them
  171. Are Americans Ready For A Revolution?
  172. I am sooo pissed at Rush Limbaugh!
  173. Ben Carson Doesn't Quite Get "It".
  174. Maya Angelou......Good Riddance race pimp and lousy poet
  175. D'Souza Warning about Her
  176. Is it too Late for a VA Told Ya So?
  177. Who is "The Government?"
  178. Thanks
  179. Do they already have their script?
  180. Obama's Real Agenda
  181. CNN Shows It's Liberal Bias Big Time
  182. Hussein Obama's "Accomplishments"
  183. Bergdahl-Taliban fallout has the left spooked
  184. Chomsky: Obama determined to abolish Liberty
  185. Which statements are true and which are false?
  186. Will the President and Senate Majority Leader Declare America Broke?
  187. Punk Rockers Make Good Conservatives
  188. Query: why do we need more gun laws?
  189. Anyone here think we should send troops back into Iraq?
  190. Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot Hold....
  191. Dinesh D'Souza and Bill Ayers Debate
  192. Obama Will Sacrifice Baghdad Embassy to Start WW III
  193. Fourth Turn Accelerating....A Must Read!!!!!
  194. I personally don't care what happens as long as Obama gets blamed for it.
  195. Oh look! A Penny!!
  196. Iraq and the US as I see it!
  197. Cheney: President Wrong about so Much at the Expense of so Many
  198. 25 Signs That Veterans Are Being Treated Like Trash Under The Obama Administration
  199. I am the only one at TPF.
  200. The Dream of Pharaoh's everywhere..
  201. 20 basic truths you can't talk about in America anymore
  202. President Obama's imperial presidency
  203. How are Obama and the IRS getting away with a blatant coverup?
  204. Stopping a lawless President
  205. Calling of a Constitutional Convention
  206. Criminality, Totalitarianism Of U.S. Government Evident In IRS Scandal
  207. sweet little lies
  208. The Truth can be ugly to some....
  209. Ann Coulter: Soccer's Increased Popularity Destroys Moral Fabric of United States
  210. George Will Is A Democrat, Part II
  211. Liberal Vs Conservative
  212. Criminality, Totalitarianism Of U.S. Government Evident In IRS Scandal
  213. "This Won't End Pretty"
  214. Ukraine: The International War-Criminal Is Obama, Not Putin
  215. Is it possible that Obama's immigrants are more nefarious then thought?
  216. The Left Goes Berserk Over the Hobby Lobby Case
  217. It's July 4th, So What Reasons Did the Americans Publish to Explain the Revolution?
  218. So Sue Me
  219. It makes sense.......
  220. Washington Has Gone Completely Mad!
  221. Barack Hussein Obama is the Wizard of OZ
  222. Hampton PD's Awesome Remix
  223. HE is Deep in Megalomania Now
  224. American Everyman: The Ballad Of John Q. Public
  225. Skinny RINO Adam's Apple Broad Insults Every American
  226. Barack Obama and Bad Press
  227. Liberal stupidity at it's finest
  228. Rand Paul: Give kids a second chance
  229. The Naked Truth About the American Police State
  230. Walmart the joke
  231. Nigga...Please
  232. Future Headlines
  233. Kirsten Powers: Politicos bad for your health
  234. No one wants to say it
  235. Part of the Invasion Soulution
  236. Victor Davis Hanson: The season when America fell apart
  237. That Plane in Ukraine (update 2)
  238. Should Israel re-occupy Gaza and stay there?
  239. Why I dislike Obama
  240. The end of limited govt
  241. " Do unto others " means nothiing in the Muslin world....
  242. NSA Helps Saudi Arabia Crush Dissent … Like It Helps Crush Dissent at Home
  243. Which party more represents Corporate America/The Miltary-Industrial Complex
  244. Reality time. How to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict
  245. Couch potato power
  246. I commute about 100 miles per day... fifty each way.....Just looked at a Nissan Leaf
  247. Principal Over Parties - End The Division, Protect Yourselves
  248. Why McDonald's CEO Supports Raising The Minimum Wage
  249. If this country were sane
  250. “Mr. Obama Has Invited The Whole World To Come In And Attack America!”